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 Truck Simulator Europe  


SCS Software is the developer of the Truck Simulator line of driving simulation video games. The first game in the series, Euro Truck Simulator, which introduced gameplay, was published on 

August 29, 2008, for Microsoft Windows and OS X. Euro Truck Simulator 2, the prequel to the first game, was published on October 19, 2012, for Microsoft Windows and in 2013 for Linux. 

The developer's prior truck simulation series, 18 Wheels of Steel, was replaced with this one. Players can only access their beginning nation at first unless it has fewer than three cities, in which 

case they can also access one or more neighboring nations. Players have a free connection to the other country, for instance, if they begin the game in Italy or Switzerland. Players then select their 

first vehicle with a budget of 100,000 euros.

Following that, players may begin accepting tasks from various bogus businesses and shipping freight to various cities within their nation of origin in order to make money. This money may then 

be used to buy a new vehicle, upgrade the one you already have, grow your business internationally, and get a permit to drive flammables and chemicals. The game includes realistic 

European truck models with functional features including wipers, gauges, temperature and low gasoline warning lights, flashing indicators, and low fuel warning lights. The fictionalized versions 

of the Mercedes-Benz Actros (referred to as Majestic), Renault Magnum (referred to as Runner), Scania R-series (referred to as Swift), and Volvo FH16 trucks are included (known as Valiant).

Euro Truck Simulator, the direct successor to the original game, was published on October 19, 2012, for Microsoft Windows and in 2013 for Linux. In the Going East! addition, players can pick 

from a number of cities in Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom as 

their starting cities. The player can initially only accept so-called "quick tasks." These fast occupations entail transporting trailers and merchandise between factories (garages) (usually

 involves delivery between different towns and states). In the game, logistics and delivery firms provide fast employment, and the employer is responsible for covering all gasoline, service, and 

highway toll expenses (the delivery companies). As a result, there is no need to pay for tolls, gasoline, or service when performing brief tasks. The player can ultimately afford to purchase a 

vehicle from truck dealers and truck showrooms as they accumulate money or pay off bank loans (note that the truck sellers and showrooms must first be "found"). If they have enough money, 

players can buy a home garage and start utilizing their own vehicle to distribute stuff rather than merely driving for pay (freight market). The game's currency may be used to upgrade or buy new trucks, hire NPC delivery drivers (the right employment agency must first be "found"), purchase more garages, or extend the home garage to fit more vehicles.

After each delivery, the player receives experience points that raise their level and a skill point for their efforts. Deliveries requiring various ADR classifications, longer distance deliveries, unusual 

cargo loads, fragile cargo loads, urgent deliveries, and eco-driving may all be unlocked with skill points. The player can accept higher-paying occupations thanks to this advancement. The game 

includes 77 towns spread over 13 nations, more than 20 different cargoes, and more than 15 fictitious European businesses.

Tips & Tools for game

Beginners always need some guidelines, tricks, and tips to make their grip strong or be an expert gamer in simulated games. Some of the tips that one beginner can use are genuine that can be 

easily understandable. This is a short leveling method, therefore you want to make your life as simple as possible even if you could buy whatever vehicle you wanted. This entails purchasing a 

truck that is affordable and can be utilized for as long as feasible without requiring expensive upgrades. In light of the foregoing, I suggest the Volvo FH16 Classic Sleeper. This truck's price 

can be lowered to about 100,000 euros if a few accessories are removed, but it still has a 540 HP engine that produces 2650 Nm of torque. This can carry you all the way to the finish of the game 

and is sufficient to move even the biggest goods. You can buy a steering wheel and peddles You can use the paddles on the steering wheel to regulate the gearbox's semi-automatic mode, but you 

might prefer to be a purist and "drive stick!" There are only two worth purchasing: a cheap one (the pros use) and an expensive one. If you like this game, purchase the premium one. To see how 

some individuals have created entire cabs in their houses with wrap-around displays and stick shifts, search for steering wheels and ETS in Google pictures. It's nerdy but cool! Some people use 

the identical pedals with Flight Simulators, only swapping the yoke for a wheel. Although how you go about it is entirely up to you, a higher-quality wheel will make playing more enjoyable and 

less taxing given that driving may be a lengthy process. Assign a key (we frequently use the middle mouse button, for example) as "Quicksave." You'll eventually realize the importance of this save 

when your road becomes blocked by kid-driven trucks and trailers that are stuck and are constantly attempting to exit rather than using F7 + Enter, OR when another idiot uses the safe lane as a 90

 km/h speeding route and hits your load. You can then easily return to your save with undamaged cargo or change your route to a place where it leads your destiny or target.

You may maximize out all of the ADR, High Value, Urgent, and Fragile disciplines before moving on to Long Distance last. I personally max out ADR first. This is because performing more short-

distance work in a day will result in larger KM earnings and XP gains until your talents are fully developed than performing fewer long-distance activities. Additionally, there is a greater danger 

of cargo damage on long-distance voyages, and at the beginning of your profession, you cannot afford to lose money on delayed or damaged cargo.

Strengthen the Skills

As there were grabbing things for beginners to strengthen their skill in truck simulator game similarly there are ways to make more money in this simulated game. Choose the task with the 

highest cost per distance. Do not slip into the lowest earning category; instead, pay special attention to the cost per kilometer or distance for a particular delivery operation. There are several options 

for short-distance shipping that can nonetheless ensure you make a ton of cash. Use your own vehicle instead of the company's vehicle. While using a company's vehicle saves you money on 

maintenance, petrol, and tolls, it also increases the possibility that your earnings may be lower than if you were transporting the goods on your own truck. Owning a vehicle also allows you to enter 

the free roam mode and visit locations you couldn't before. Save as much money as you can, then get a vehicle as soon as you can. Pick a truck that is both affordable and effective. The game 

features a number of well-known truck manufacturers. However, when it comes to performance, Volvo FH, Scania R, and Mercedes-Benz New Actros are well-known for being reasonably priced

 while still being able to tow huge loads. If at all feasible, consider upgrading the engine. Avoid making aesthetic changes that don't enhance the performance as a whole. You have to start the 

game by making sensible financial decisions. Take on work only in the city in which you are currently residing. Only accept jobs inside your city because they need less time and effort to 

finish. To unlock additional lucrative cargo possibilities, purchase the "Cargo Packs" DLC. Because the value of the cargo itself is higher, certain Cargo Packs have a higher payment. You

 can quickly see tasks with above €60 per kilometer with this DLC. If you want to purchase the DLC, it is highly advised that you hold off until there is a discount. Fortunately, in addition to the 

Steam Sale, Europe Truck Simulator frequently offers discounted pricing. Establish a strict training regimen for every driver. Every driver you hired has been trained to be "Balanced" by default. 

Setting a specialized talent, such as ADR, long-distance, high-value cargo, fragile cargo, or just-in-time delivery, is highly advised. If a driver delivers a load depending on their area of expertise, 

they could make more money. To determine which talent is more profitable, try setting a different one for each driver.

Beyond the Baltic Sea, a DLC pack from SCS that recently enlarged the game, including 13,000 kilometers of new highways, the nations of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, a portion of southern 

Finland, and the Russian regions of Saint Petersburg and Kaliningrad. The studio works at an outrageous pace, and with each new region of the country added to the map, it becomes more adept 

at evoking a feeling of the place. Its realistic look and feel give it popularity among the public. Players found it funny as well as entertaining while performing different tasks. 

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