Battle royal video game PUBG Mobile was created by Lightspeed & Quantum Studio, a part of Tencent Games. On March 19, 2018, an Android and iOS version of PUBG: Battlegrounds was 

made available on mobile devices. Several different companies, including Krafton, Tencent, and VNG Games, published it in various locations. PUBG Mobile was the fourth-highest grossing 

mobile game by May 2022 with over a billion downloads and over $8.42 billion in revenue. Additionally, it is the all-time most popular mobile video game. Battlegrounds Mobile India and 

New State Mobile, two unique games set in the PUBG universe, were born from the game in 2021. Unreal Engine 4 was used to create PUBG Mobile in about four months. On January 24, 2019, 

PUBG Mobile Lite, a condensed version of the game for less powerful Android devices, was initially made available in Thailand. Subsequent releases in more Asian, Latin American, and 

African nations followed.


The gameplay in PUBG Mobile is comparable to that in the first Player Unknown's Battlegrounds. Depending on the game mode chosen prior to the battle, players may compete alone or in teams 

of two or four while parachuting down to a secluded island. About 30 minutes pass between each game. The game starts with the players flying over one of several potential maps, which were also 

chosen in advance of the competition. Players decide where to parachute down as they go across the map. The safe zone and the external blue zone are separated from one another after the jet 

lands, and a blue border appears around the island. Every few minutes, the safe zone gets smaller, and everyone still in the blue zone will gradually lose health until they're at risk of dying. When 

the safe zone decreases, the pace of health loss accelerates. Players must either locate supplies and weapons around them or plunder them from other players when they initially arrive on the island 

without any. In general, more hazardous areas of the map have better tools and weaponry. Temporary red zones may suddenly appear to be bombarded with bombs in addition to the safe 

zone's usual shrinking. Additionally, the plane occasionally flies over the battlefield to drop packages containing unique equipment, which may include stuff that isn’t available elsewhere on 

the island. To give the players fair notice, all of these unique events including the typical safe zone shrinking are notified to them beforehand. Log-in bonuses, objectives and micro-goals, crew 

recruiting, map and compass enhancements with larger and clearer markings near the teammates, an auto-loot system, as well as an increased number of bots are additional features exclusive to the 

mobile edition of PUBG.

Mobile Version

Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation revealed intentions to create two mobile versions of the game in China after the Chinese publication arrangement for the Windows version. The first, 

PUBG: Exhilarating Battlefield, was created by LightSpeed & Quantum Studio, a department under Tencent Games, and is a condensed version of the original game. The second, PUBG: Army 

Attack, was created by Tencent's Timi Studio and features more arcade-style aspects, such as combat that takes place aboard warships. Both versions, which were made available for Android 

and iOS devices on February 9th, 2018, are free to play. The games, which upon debut held the top two spots on the Chinese iOS download charts, had a combined 75 million pre-registrations. 

Exhilarating Battlefield was translated as PUBG Mobile and published globally on March 19, 2018, after a preliminary launch in Canada. Both the Korean and Japanese-focused PUBG Mobile 

KR and the Vietnamese-focused PUBG Mobile VN were released in June 2018 and January 2019, respectively. PUBG Mobile in China has been awaiting official clearance for an approved release, 

at which time the game could only be made available as a public test. However, due to the government's suspension of approvals for the most of 2018, Tencent's anticipated rollout was 

postponed. Tencent announced in May 2019 that it would no longer try to publish PUBG Mobile in China and would instead re-release the game under the name Game for Peace. This version of 

the game changed some aspects of the original game to comply with China's content restrictions, such as removing blood and gore. Numerous sport leagues and competitions are supported by the 

game. Players participate in their own areas until subsequent events in each major region's PUBG Mobile Club Open. Out of the numerous teams who registered, only 32 teams will advance. The 

32 teams are grouped into four groups of eight during this round, which is also known as PMCO group stages. The top 16 teams compete in the finals, which are held after the group rounds. The 

teams then battle to get to the PUBG Mobile Pro League, a higher level of play.

Game’s Downloads

PUBG Mobile had approximately 300 million downloads globally, making it the second most downloaded mobile game of 2018. China, which accounted for 29% of the game's downloads, was 

the market with the highest percentage, followed by India and the US, which each accounted for roughly 10% of the game's downloads. It has roughly 200 million more installations than Fortnite 

to claim the title of the most-installed battle royal game of the year. Outside of China, PUBG Mobile reached more than a billion downloads as of March 2021. As of August 2021, the game 

had 1.12 billion players overall, including those playing Battlegrounds Mobile India and Peacekeeper Elite, the Chinese version of the game. In Japan, PUBG Mobile earned 3.58 billion 

($32.42 million) in 2018. By August 2020, PUBG Mobile has generated over $3.5 billion in revenue. The highest-grossing game of the year in 2020, PUBG Mobile generated over $2.6 billion 

in sales in 2020, taking its cumulative earnings to more than $4.3 billion as of December 2020. As of April 2022, that sum has climbed to more than $8.42 billion.


Graphics are the main assets in computing world. One of the players like and dislike depends on graphics. Smooth graphics makes your look and feel more realistic and hand able especially in 

games. Almost many competitive players choose simplicity above visual quality, regardless of the platform they utilize. You can unlock faster frame rates by keeping your visuals in Smooth, which 

will make it simpler to notice adversaries. Have you ever found yourself in a position where you were easily murdered by your foes due to poor graphics settings? You need to have the necessary 

abilities and strategies to master PUBG Mobile. But just as crucial as anything else in the game is using the right visual settings. You must be aware of the many graphic settings, including FPS, 

Brightness, Graphic Style, and Gameplay, in order to play PUBG Mobile.

Graphics Settings

Some gamers make the mistake of thinking that having high pixel/graphics is good. This may be noticeable in movies and films, but scene changes occur in video games. Many gamers believe 

that playing a game with good visuals never helps. This is due to the fact that they cause your phone to lose battery life much more quickly and to lag a lot, making it impossible for you to aim 

or play the game without difficulty. It is advised to use lower graphics rather than high graphics. The difference between high and low graphics is minimal. Minor variations like shadows, motions, 

high resolution, etc. are all that differ. Applying lower graphics fixes the issue by reducing power use, eliminating latency, and preventing overheating. make your game function properly in the 

end. Go to PUBGM settings, open the graphics settings, and pick the smooth option from the options at the top of the screen to get decent visuals with low resolution. You must apply the

 optimal FPS settings to your game in order to get the most out of it. When battling or detecting an adversary, FPS is useful. The player with a low FPS setting can be easily killed by the person with 

a higher FPS. You may move, aim, fire, and spot much more quickly when you select a higher FPS. This is due to the seamless gameplay that fps provides, which enables fast action. FPS settings 

on newer devices are often greater than those on older ones.

In PUBGM, there is a Style setting. These style options are quite useful in a variety of circumstances. The standard style is uncomfortable for many people. PUBGM has given them a 

variety of visual style settings for their comfort. They are free to make their own selections. We must use these parameters in a few specific circumstances. There is a suggestion that can save a

 life when it is foggy outside and we are unable to see anything. choosing the movie style, for instance. In times of fog, employing the movie-style makes it simpler to locate and identify 

attackers. Making use of this option will help you play your best. Your game will operate smoothly and without latency thanks to it. It would be beneficial if you constantly used the game's smooth-

extreme-classic graphics settings. This enables you to play more effectively and makes your game more fluid. It doesn't cause extraneous latency or screen freezes. Like these there are many more 

options that can be utilized in making your graphics worth.


This most downloaded game won two awards for different categories which included “Mobile Game of the Year” and “Best Mobile Game” these were the victories for the game and its 

developers. Beside this it also had been nominating for the two awards which were “Fan Favorite Mobile Game” and “E-Sports Game of the Year”. The review aggregator Metacritic stated that the 

reviews for PUBG Mobile were "mostly positive." Although those with larger displays and more powerful phones have an edge, the gaming is surprisingly enjoyable and fluid. 

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