A simulation game called House Flipper was created by Frozen District and released by PlayWay S.A. It became available on May 17, 2018. The game was nominated in the "Game, Simulation" 

category of the National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers Awards. Additionally, House Flipper received the Pozna Game Arena Best Polish Indie Game of 2018 award.On May 17, 2018, 

a free DLC called Apocalypse Flipper was published with the basic game. More things are given to the player, along with five additional properties that may be purchased. The Garden Flipper 

DLC was made available on May 16, 2019. This enables the player to make improvements to a property's gardens. The player can then take part in the gardening contests, where their efforts will 

be reviewed and graded. Depending on the final score, the property may then be sold for a larger sum. The released date for the HGTV DLC was May 14, 2020. This DLC adds additional playable

 characters, objects, gameplay elements, and characteristics. The player must first do the respective jobs before proceeding to the latter. On November 19, 2020, a brand-new Cyberpunk Flipper DLC

 was released, which was not paid for. Later, PlayWay announced the release of two further DLCs in 2021: The Luxury Flipper DLC, which will be available in the later half of that year, and the 

Pets DLC, which is focused on adopting and maintaining pets like dogs and cats. The genre of this simulated game is virtual reality and simulation. If we look at the platforms, then this is available

 on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. On the basis of 99% of users, its rating stat is 71%.

How to get money?

In order to get money, players fix up properties in the game. Painting, tiling, cleaning, installations, and demolition are among the tasks that may be done. Players can purchase houses to fix and 

customize, fix them as part of missions, or sell them after they've been fixed. You must be able to choose the ideal house in the ideal setting at the ideal price if you want to be successful. Do you 

really expect to purchase for $60,000 and sell for $200,000 in a community with $100,000 homes? That cannot happen frequently because of how well the market operates. Knowing which upgrades 

to do and which to avoid is essential, even if you score the deal of a lifetime—snatching a home in foreclosure for pennies on the dollar, for example. Additionally, you must be aware of all relevant tax and zoning regulations as well as when to abandon a project before it degenerates into a money hole.


There are basically twenty houses to buy and 19 main missions. The opportunity to work as a one-man remodeling crew on House Flipper is wonderful. We purchase, renovate, and restore 

destroyed homes. Give them a second chance and profit from selling them. You have a special opportunity to start your own real estate company with House Flipper City. The purchase ruined

 homes, apartments, and business spaces all across the city. Renovate the purchased property, but before that, have a look around and remodel the flats to satisfy the needs of prospective clients

. When concentrating on the major goals, House Flipper takes roughly 12 hours. If you're a gamer that tries to complete every part of the game, it will probably take you about 311/2 hours to do so.

The main theme of House Flipper is the idea of completing simple tasks and making simple money. Without having an adverse effect on the property market, you could purchase a house for $40k,

 refurbish it for $5k, and sell it for $60k. There is nothing more difficult than clicking and holding the left mouse button that you may fail at in a fast-time event. Nor are there any unreasonable 

requests from your customers. If you're a millennial born into a global housing crisis that shows no signs of slowing down, you have a level of influence over these homes that is nearly impossible 

to conceive in real life. While the walls of your flat will always be dull white and grey, you may paint this three-room home "Amaranth Adventure" and no landlord will be able to object.

However, this flexibility is constrained. As the properties you acquire become bigger and bigger, House Flipper encourages you to play the role of renovator through monotonous routines of

 highlighting, clicking, and holding. To tile a bathroom, purchase a pile of tiles and arrange them on the floor. Then, click on the pile, highlight a piece of the wall, and then click and hold. Repeat 

this process until the tile pile is empty. Then, purchase another pile of tiles and continue. To install a toilet, click and hold on a glowing screw or plastic component until the animation is finished.

 Installing a shower takes five times as long as installing a toilet. The property's blueprint cannot be altered either. Within the four walls that have been granted, you may renovate, but not outside

 of them. The external walls resist your sledgehammer well, but you're free to knock down the inside walls. You are free to increase or decrease the size of the bathroom, but you cannot move 

it; the fixtures were installed by someone who came before you and had greater freedom than you.

This is not a house design simulation in the vein of The Sims. It's more like games like Farming Simulator 2018 or Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 or the kiosk-based app in Mitre 10. These games 

have restrictions, repetition, and gradual advancement. There are no restrictions on how your company can grow as long as you stay around and accept the constraints on how you do business. 

The restrictions on how you may play in these simulators are often intended to be peaceful, even contemplative. They aren't meant to be unpleasant. But they are restricted here. The design

 expressions that are accessible to you are ultimately superficial, much like the kiosk at Mitre 10. There are a few colours available for wall tiles, but none of them suits the cheerful, summery feel 

you wished for in the first home you restored. The bathroom was painted white. There is only one type of mirror, one type of washing machine, and one type of shower. You don't possess that level 

of power.There isn't much room for surprise or discovery, and House Flipper doesn't even appear interested in competing with that or embracing the meditative condition of doing work online. You 

can enhance your renovator, but the modifications almost entirely serve to accelerate your labour — paint and tile quicker, take less time to do errands. What use do the animations serve if the 

game is aware that they are boring, sluggish, and pointless? If you're considering flipping a property, be sure you know what it takes and the hazards. Flippers who are just starting out may

 overestimate their abilities and underestimate the time or money needed. Flipping a house is not as simple as it appears on TV in terms of making a large profit immediately.

House renovation and flipping take a lot of time. The search for and purchase of the ideal house might take months. You'll need to put effort into repairs once you've acquired the property. Time

 spent on demolition and building might result in wasted nights and weekends if you have a day job. Even if you hire someone else to complete the task, you'll still need to spend more time than 

you anticipated managing it, and the expense of hiring others will lower your profit. After the renovation is finished, you must arrange inspections to make sure the house conforms to local 

building regulations before you can put it up for sale. If it doesn't, you'll have to invest additional time and resources to make it acceptable. Next, selling the property might take a lot of time. You 

could spend a lot of time travelling to and from the property as well as attending meetings if you personally show it to potential buyers. You must pay a commission if you work with a real estate 

agent. Is it worthwhile? Many people might find it more sensible to continue doing their regular jobs, where they might make the same amount of money in a few weeks or months by receiving a 

consistent income. Professionals wait patiently for the ideal property. Newbies dash out and buy the first property they come upon. When they can't do the task themselves, they engage the first

 contractor that submits a proposal. Professionals use a network of prearranged, reputable contractors or perform the task themselves.


The users' reviews predict failure and success because they use the product. According to review aggregator Metacritic, House Flipper earned "mixed or mediocre reviews," with several reviewers 

noting that improving the homes is enjoyable but expressing doubts about its long-term playability. In their review of the game, Kotaku stated that they found it satisfying to repair deteriorated homes. 

"Manifesting your vision of a decent, marketable house onto these garbage heaps feels amazing—especially because it happens on such a granular scale," and that "garbage heaps are frequently 

extremely gross or ugly." According to Game Informer, flipping your first few properties is enjoyable, but the game lacks the scale or versatility to hold your attention for too long. PC Gamer 

gave it a bad review, saying "Making a dirty room seem lovely gives you a real sense of accomplishment, and it's quite fascinating."


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