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 Food Truck Simulator


The game is developed by well-reputed Dragon Entertainment and the initial release date of this game was announced as 21 Feb 2021. In the simulator Food Truck Simulator, you may take control 

of a genuine food truck and attempt to transform it into a typical, lucrative business. Renovate, furnish, and bring back the luster of your father's food truck. Develop recipes, prepare the food, 

then serve it to clients across a wide area. You see an advertisement for a used food truck that is for sale while sitting in the office during yet another dull meeting. The businessperson in you sees 

an opportunity to generate money and improve your life at the same time. Start a completely new form of company enterprise and assume total control over it. If you already own a truck, then you 

can easily without any spending on truck purchasing start work but if you haven’t a truck then there is still an opportunity to do business. The used food truck you purchase has to be thoroughly 

cleaned. It is more than just wiping away some dirt with a sponge; you also need to deal with debris and corrosion. Before you can start remodeling and modifying, everything has to be fully 

cleaned up. There is no denying that the used food truck you purchase is an outdated piece of crap. Before you can begin to reconstruct it, you must carefully clean it. The entire inside needs to be 

taken out, cleaned, and then rebuilt with new furniture and appliances. Given that you have a little space; this is more difficult than it sounds. You have to take care of more than just the inside. In 

addition to the appearance, the food truck needs maintenance so that it can be put back together mechanically.

System Requirement

This Food Truck Simulated PC game is applicable on an operating system of Windows 7 (64-bit) or 10 (64-bit) with a Processor of Intel Core i3 3.0 GHz. Required memory is 4 GB RAM and 15

 GB free disk storage is required.

Features of Game

Simulated games are liked due to their features. Interesting and engaging features make the games popular among users. Developers should keep the features readable/meaningful (their operations 

should understandable through their name) and easy to handle. The features that explicate Food Truck Simulator from others are quite amazing. In this game, you have to purchase and restore 

various food trucks. Players will also have several opportunities for customizing a significant selection of equipment alternatives available. There is a feature to make your own foods and menus 

also there is a system for cooking in detail and there are several places throughout the entire city with all kinds of consumers where you can sell your food. Food-based businesses always rely on 

menus; the menu is considered one of the main elements of such businesses. To start your business, you must have to design the menu but always design as per your expertise. You must decide on a 

menu that you can successfully prepare in the kitchen you built. The size of your kitchen determines how many things may be on the menu. But it's not quite that easy. Customers have

 diverse tastes and expectations depending on where they are. To prevent clients from entering and walking away empty-handed because the menu doesn't provide what they desire, it is essential to 

create a menu that satisfies those needs. It is evident that price is important. For various consumer kinds and locales, the entire menu or only the pricing may be changed.

Upgrading Kitchen

You may upgrade to a better, larger food truck or add more and better appliances to your mobile kitchen to expand your food truck. When the kitchen and storage facilities are properly upgraded,

 the menu, which has a maximum of five items at the start of the game, can grow to twenty entries. However, it is not as straightforward as just having a menu and a food truck. There is a whole city 

to discover, with various settings housing various consumer kinds with various demands you will need to fulfill. The meal you designed for the construction workers won't be very appealing to the 

business folks in the financial sector, and vice versa. Additionally, you shouldn't stay in one area all day. Instead, move about and provide breakfast in the commercial district, lunch in the office 

park, brunch in the financial district, etc. It is up to you to determine the most profitable menu, timings, and locations that suit your needs and those of your food truck. You may prepare a wide 

range of foods, but you must do it alone, paying attention to both the quality and speed of your work. You must prepare all the ingredients before beginning the full preparation and cooking

 process. Some recipes can be partially made in advance and stored in the refrigerator or other suitable storage, while others must be completely prepared and cooked right away. The immersion 

of really producing dishes is increased to a new degree by using real-life physics in the preparation and cooking processes. There are several various types of clients in the game, each with their own 

preferences, needs, and willingness to wait or tip. You must monitor your supplies in addition to cooking and serving clients, and adjust the menu as necessary. Nothing is worse than having a

 large number of customers and running out of food to prepare and serve them, or having people order food that you are unable to prepare. Your food truck needs maintenance. It's one thing to 

renovate and furnish it when you purchase it, but you must also maintain it to keep it functional. Both the vehicle itself and the kitchen appliances are prone to deterioration. You will need to become familiar with cleaning, maintenance, and repairs, but don't worry, you have your own tiny garage.

Quality Maintenance

As you are proceeding with your father’s left-out legacy then it comes over you as a responsibility to maintain all those quality measures. Customers are frequently impatient and needy. You'll 

discover that you don't have a lot of time to fulfill their requests and cater to their tastes at the same time. It will be difficult, but your father overcame it, so you can undoubtedly do the same. They 

say that practice makes perfect, so go ahead and astound them with your superior cuisine. Your toolkit and trick book expand as your reputation does. As you carry on your father's legacy, keep 

up with your renown. Make sure to equip yourself with the most cutting-edge, expensive gear you (and your budget) can afford. Ride the famous crest. You are the rightful owner of the truck, and 

its interior should alter as well. You may alter anything, including the color of the outside, the interior design, the bumpers, lights, and wheels. Hit the streets as you own them to prove to the 

city that you are no less than your father was. Every day is an adventure, and every adventure needs enough supplies. As the hours pass the ingredients will deteriorate and spoil because they 

aren't permanent. Don't forget to stock up on the freshest and most appealing produce your customers may want of you. The word "truck" must remain in the phrase "food truck." You need

 to physically go from your garage to wherever you chose to sell that day before you can set up your booths. Keep both traffic and congestion in mind! When you are pressed for time, follow 

your father's example and deviate from the norm. First come, first Serve. The best thing about this game is you don’t need to build a shop or any setup to establish your business, only you required 

is renovated truck. This game is lesson-learner for you, you'll learn how to handle the duties while setting your business in the park. Install the gas canister for your grill, which is a consumable that 

has to be replenished, then turn it on and wait for your first client. The vehicle has two LCD panels that display your orders and the necessary materials, which is fairly impressive considering how 

grubby it is.

Game Interface

Although some of the NPCs are a little strange and halt abruptly when in public in the town, the settings, lighting, and textures are fantastic. More importantly, the action is extremely addicting

it's expected that players will play Food Truck Simulator for more than 40 hours in the first few days after launch. Food Truck Simulator would come in the first place if we made a list of the 

future simulator games that are just around the way based on user voting. The equivalent of east Asian food stalls in North America is food trucks. They're fun locations where you just get handed salty food. They're not as convenient as food booths, so you have to travel five feet and sit on a ledge. A tantalizing preview of what DRAGO Entertainment will be serving up later this year can 

be found in the Food Truck Simulator demo that was released as part of the Steam Next Fest. They are the creators of the entertaining little game known as Gas Station Simulator. The idea behind

 Food Truck Simulator seems too fantastic to be true, yet curiously, the demo makes me think they just might succeed. Players seem satisfied with this idea, as this idea can be applicable in real life 

with best and wise strategy. Such business required business-mind and a bit capitals to establish set-ups. Players found this idea unique and realistic and experience attaining.

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