Fast Food Manager Simulator Game

 Fast Food Manager Simulator


Cyber Eye is the developer as well as publisher of this fast food management base simulated game. This game is released in April 2021. A fun 3D restaurant management simulator called Fast Food 

Manager offers you the chance to experience what it's like to be an entrepreneur in the world of cafes, restaurants, and street food. The object of the game is to establish and expand a prosperous 

catering chain, from a humble coffee tent on the outskirts to a well-liked eatery in the heart of the city. The game offers variety and flexibility of action, creating a truly immersive experience. 

Launch your own company from the beginning and shop, cook, sell coffee and fast food, establish more locations, upgrade them, recruit staff, and beat the competition. If you have a restaurant that 

serves hamburgers and a lot of people frequent it. Your responsibility is to quickly prepare their orders. To arrange an order, choose the things you'd like to include by tapping on them, and then 

click "make" to complete the process. You should deliver those burgers fast while tapping on the coins to get money, just like a genuine cashier lady, while your clients are waiting for them. If you 

execute your work correctly, you will soon own your own restaurant. We start with a tent on the street; you will have a restricted budget and be able to purchase the items required for a start-up 

company. We purchase products, expand our company, and search for new revenue streams. It is your responsibility to expand your company, employ staff, keep an eye on product quality, pay 

wages, and levy penalties. Even how you speak to clients counts; if you are impolite to them, it is doubtful that your cafe will become well-liked.You begin the game by residing in a tent. From there, you must base all you do. To succeed, you must closely monitor your inventory, sell 

products, and grow your company. Once you've amassed enough cash, you may expand your company portfolio and win the game. It is quite similar to previous games like Road Diner 

Simulator in this regard, however, it only concentrates on fast food. You may choose your area of expertise, from a coffee shop to a chain of delicious fast food, and expand your empire to 

incorporate it. In comparison to other simulations, the financial components of this game are quite realistic, and you have to put in a lot of effort to win those close games. This is one of the game's best features and needs to be developed further.

System Requirements 

Like every other simulated game, it also has some system requirements to download and play it. System requisites are the CPU intel core should be i5-2500 3.3 GHz​​​​​​, required RAM is 8 GB​​​​​​​, 

operating system should be Windows 8/10 and the required free disk space is 5GB in order to play the fast food manager game your system must be of these characteristics.

Objective of Game

The goal of the business simulation game Fast Food Manager is for players to fully immerse themselves in the world of street food. You need to start with a simple, coffee-serving outdoor tent 

before attempting to build a full-fledged retail network. You must begin with the tiniest. You will only have a limited budget, or start-up capital, at your disposal, enough to establish a coffee tent 

in the middle of the city, but after some time, you will be able to generate your first income and begin growing. And it is entirely up to you how you develop. For instance, start by setting up tables 

and chairs close to your tent, turn it into a kiosk, generate money, and then purchase more equipment. Opportunities will increase for you as your income and savings grow. You are free to 

choose how to grow your business here. You make decisions on what meals to prepare, how to serve them to clients, what to concentrate on, what furnishings to purchase, and how to grow the 

restaurant. Additionally, you may assign rooms yourself in Fast Food Manager and choose which ones to place what in. Don't remain in one spot. Try to construct a vast network of businesses 

throughout the city. Purchase additional properties and incorporate them into your company. Grow, make money, engage in competition, and strive to own the most well-known chain of fast food restaurants.

Roles and Responsibilities

Responsibilities changes with a defined role. Being a manager or cook your responsibilities will be different. You will have operational, financial, and people management responsibilities as a

 manager of a fast food business. You'll have to manage facility upkeep, cleanliness, and security, organize inventory and equipment, and order supplies. Planning and adhering to budgets can help 

you maximize profitability and hit head office-set sales goals. As a manager, you are in charge of ensuring that the cuisine delivered to consumers is of the highest caliber. The hiring of new 

employees is one of their other duties, making the workplace safe and conducting team meetings, dealing with complaints, campaign management, and giving instruction are all managerial 

responsibilities. To be a good manager you should have some characteristics like you should know how to develop your business talents. What are the tricks and tips to boost your business? An 

effective manager of fast food establishments must possess traditional retail and commercial abilities. Be more than a boss, be a leader because you have to maintain the organization’s 

environment. Being a better fast-food manager requires strong leadership. Put customer service first, customer satisfaction has always been the foremost goal of any restaurant. Keeping your 

workplace safe and clean contributes to making your customer happy. The foremost duty of a managerial person is to manage the time to complete all tasks perfectly for this manager should 

make a schedule and should control the time accordingly.


Some features that might fast food manager players need to understand. Start the game with a set amount of money in the store and a tutorial system that tells a difficult-to-understand tale about 

running a shop. Purchase raw materials in specific situations without providing a quantity. For inexperienced players, shifting the number could be challenging. As a result, purchases are made 

up to a specific point before the money runs out, making it impossible to acquire items from other tutorials and when the condition of raw materials or equipment is incomplete. unable to open the 

store Prior to stepping onto the path and opening the store the first establishment, which is a roadside coffee shop, requires the author to play it roughly two or three times. A Russian beggar 

who is seated next to you and poses as a friend may offer you food in exchange for silence. The game is being played in real-time. Take pleasure in managing a roadside diner. Who goes above 

and above for consumers and puts in more hours than employees?

Tips and Tools

Luckily or unluckily, the cheats for this game aren't currently available. This game is on the list, and it will probably be added soon. Cheats are actually some code base or hack that help the players

 to level up. With the help of those cheating, the player can easily pass his level. The players share such codes among themselves and pass their levels.

Challenges in game

There are a number of problems with this game that can make it frustrating to play, if not impossible. The fact that there are just around 8 distinct skins for the various clients is one of the 

main problems. Unavoidably, two identical visitors to your store will place separate orders for various goods. Getting the correct meal to the right person is a 50/50 chance. Your item will vanish 

and you will receive nothing if you serve the incorrect dish to the incorrect individual. If your margins are small and you're just getting started, this may be very aggravating. The fact that the 

color of the condiment bottles differs from the ones that the customer orders just makes the situation worse. The food is thrown away if the incorrect condiment is used on it. This is quite 

annoying. Placement problems are another frequent problem, with crucial components of various portions of your organization occasionally unable to be positioned even though they should. The 

game's animations also appear to be seriously lacking. In the game, nobody can be seen eating, and no one ever makes a mess. When they stand up, the tables are also immaculate and devoid of 

crumbs. Because the lesson is essentially about cleaning up messes, the absence of mess is especially at odds with the game. Why create a tutorial for a feature that isn't actually present in 

the game?

Look and Feel

This game isn't horrible, but it still needs a lot of work before it can be great. This game would be excellent if the tutorial was modified to teach gameplay rather than just being a pre-mini-

game, animations were added, and the issues were corrected. Cons do exist with everything though this game lacks some realistic animations, albeit the main pros one’s can achieve from this is that 

it has multiple opportunities for development with casual gameplay. For PC, there is a casual, simulation, and strategy game called Fast Food Manager.

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