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Carrom Pool Game

 Carrom pool


Miniclip created the iPhone and Android game app Carrom Pool is a  Disc Game. It has undergone several modifications nowadays, with the most recent version being 5.1.2, which was formally 

released on 2021-05-19 by the creators at The fact that the software has received a total of 41306 reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a

 possible 5 stars, speaks volumes about its notoriety, or lack thereof.Indians invented the tabletop game carrom. The game has several names in many languages and is especially well-liked on the

 Indian subcontinent. Numerous bars and cafes regularly host tournaments in South Asia. Families, including young children, frequently play carrom together and during social gatherings. There are 

several standards and regulations in various fields. In the early 20th century, it rose to great popularity in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. Typically, the game is played on a 

wooden square board with pockets in each corner. The regular board has a playing surface that is 29 inches (74 cm) square. Wood bumpers surround the edges, and a net of at least 10 cm2 covers 

the underside of each compartment. The game of carrom is played using little wooden or plastic disks called carrom men. Other than the particular queen, these pieces may alternatively be referred 

to as seeds, coins, pawns (as in chess), or pucks. Carrom men are created with a smooth surface that moves readily when set flat on the board and are engineered to slide when struck. They are hit 

with a standard-spec striker that is bigger and heavier. Pool and other "strike and pocket" games are comparable to carrom in that they both employ rebounding, angles, and blockage of the

 opponent in the face of carrom pieces. You may play carrom games with pals and find camo with the friend of your choice thanks to the carrom pool's several modes, including online carrom, 

offline carrom, and with mates. Users may play the game Crumble with online gamers.


From playing carrom on the wooden board, the developer made it playable on a keyboard. If we look up to the mobile game carom pool, then it is similar to the timeless game of pool. Carrom 

Pool tests your ability to place identically colored tiles in each of the board's holes. The game is won by the person who can remove all of their tiles first. Carrom Pool's gameplay is rather 

straightforward, which is one of the reasons it is so addictive. The only thing you need to be concerned about is whether your tiles are black or white. Your next task is to strike them in an 

effort to place each one of them in the appropriate hole. At the top of the screen, directly beneath your photo, you can always see your score. The fact that you must tap on the throw tile in order to 

locate it makes the controls incredibly user-friendly. Then, tracing the trajectory with your finger, release it whenever you wish to release the tile. The winner is the one who eliminates all of their 

tiles first. Also to be highlighted is the possibility of winning every coin in a round. We're essentially talking about a game where you can pass the time by eliminating all of your opponents.

 Similar to carom, winning a game requires making many right shots, but certain opportunities only come around once, hence these shots are known as golden shots. Before entering the game, 

make the right preparations and decisions; once you are there, there is no turning back. Attack each disc and then let it enter the finishing circle. It will take some time to become proficient in the 

talents, but keep in mind that you only have one golden opportunity to win a variety of rewards.It has no hard and fast requirements to install the Android system. A 4.03 or greater is required only. 

Languages and features

It is available in 40 plus languages and the most convincing thing is that it is license free. Its download figure is 1,367,291. The game is publicly accessible online, and anyone may download 

it for nothing at all. The user must pay certain fees in order to enjoy the application's premium features. This game has a very large fan base and many downloads from all around the world. 

Additionally, it has gotten some wonderful and great evaluations, which demonstrates its appeal. The game has a really clean and straightforward UI and is extremely simple to play. Features that 

make Carrom Pool Mobile game special and different include Arrom Disc Pool is an accessible, cooperative board game. Before your opponent, pot all of your pieces. Can you master the game 

of Carrom on a board? Yes, it can be attained through skills. Play against deserving opponents while traveling the world with easy controls and simple gameplay. Do you feel up to the task? This 

game has a number of widely played variations throughout the world. Many people absolutely adore playing the game of carrom. The game is publicly accessible online, and anyone may 

download it for nothing at all. The user must pay certain fees in order to enjoy the application's premium features. This game has a very large fan base and many downloads from all around the 

world. Additionally, it has gotten some wonderful and great evaluations, which demonstrates its appeal. The game has a really clean and straightforward user interface and is extremely simple to play.

Optimizing the game play

Carrom Pool has features that set it apart from the competition. Include optimize your pieces with a large selection of things that are unlockable. Present your personal flair to gamers from across 

the world. A highly popular version of the program, called Carrom Pool, enables many users to enjoy the app's premium features. By utilizing the application's mod version, users may access the 

premium features without having to pay a monthly fee. Users of the modded version have access to infinite gold and money, enabling them to make several purchases throughout the game. In order

 for players to completely and optimally enjoy the game, the mod version also gives them a number of more strikes. Additionally, the Mod version of the program has no advertisements, which makes 

it considerably smoother and more engaging. Excellent 3D graphics. The game's visuals are three-dimensional, making them incredibly high quality. Because of the game's incredible visuals and 

superb images, the player may have a wonderful experience. The game's appeal and attractiveness are increased by the visuals. Playing with friends The game allows players to ask their Facebook 

friends to join them in playing this fantastic game. Users who want to play the board game of carrom with their friends can log in using their Facebook profiles and link their accounts to the 

game. An Extremely Interesting Game of Carrom The game is both fascinating and engaging. Due to its high level of addiction, it prevents these activities.

If you make a good strike, you've discovered the game's winning resource. In the realm of carrom, two factors affect your winning percentage. A striker is the first, and the mechanics of the disc's 

impact are the second. As you are all aware, we are here to provide you with Carrom Pool, where you will have access to an endless amount of money. Use this money to do fun things in the game. 

The most essential resource for doing anything is money. To unlock certain features and purchase stickers, discs, and other items in the store, you must pay a significant amount of real money. 

Thank God, though, that this mod bundle is here to save you from everything. Gold Users of the Mod version receive infinite gold to apply toward the purchase of various game goodies. 

Downloads are free of charge. Players may also get the mod version for free. No membership is required. There is no subscription needed for the mod version. Users are not required to have any 

kind of membership to play the game. No Ads in the application's MOD version, there is no advertising. 

Entertaining Interface

In order for players to completely enjoy the game and achieve the highest degree of enjoyment, the mod version gives them access to infinite strikers. In conclusion of light of this, it can be said

 that Carrom Pool is a fantastic and wonderful program that can provide users with a nostalgic feeling and a lot of fun. The game offers a number of interesting and helpful elements that will 

undoubtedly wow many players. A game's success is significantly influenced by its user interface. You will get the strong, simple control mechanism you are looking for in this Carrom Pool mobile 

game. After a while of playing, you will become an expert at the game's control scheme. You can play this game like an expert right now and experience it’s exhilarating gameplay. The game's UI 

is fairly straightforward and engaging. Users don't need to be experts in gaming technology to play the game with ease. Adult gamers would do well to play this game. Participants can have the best 

time by forming groups with their friends.

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