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Car Mechanic Simulation Game

 Car Mechanic Simulation


A 2015 simulation video game called Car Technician Simulator shows what an auto mechanic does. The PC version was launched on April 23, 2015, while the mobile version followed a year 

later. It is a follow-up to Car Mechanic Simulator 2014, which was then followed by Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 and Car Mechanic Simulator 2021. A video game called Car Mechanic Simulator 

2018 was created by the Polish Firm Red Dot Games to simulate the job of an auto mechanic. On July 28, 2017, it was made available for Microsoft Windows. In 2019, it was made available for 

Nintendo Switch on February 15 and for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 25. In June 2018, a condensed version for mobile devices was made available. A sizable user community exists for 

the upcoming game Car Mechanic Simulator 2021. Start out as a new vehicle garage owner and rise to the position of service tycoon. Get your hands filthy in a simulation game that is 

extraordinarily realistic in every single aspect. Prepare to work on over 72 autos and more than 4000 distinct parts. The game is the prequel to Car Mechanic Simulator 2021, which was published 

on August 11, 2021. It is the third installment in the Car Mechanic Simulator series, following Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 and Car Mechanic Simulator 2015. The first-person perspective of the 

game allows the player to freely move about the shop, showrooms, and barns where damaged automobiles can be bought to be fixed and/or sold. A vast range of tools is available to the player, 

most of which are unlocked through performing tasks and gaining experience. The player's workshop grows as the game progresses, enabling them to handle increasingly difficult repairs as

 well as the restoration of vintage vehicles. As you play, you'll inspect the various parts of the car's engine, suspension, and chassis to look for any damage and replace it. You can achieve this by 

buying a replacement part or, at higher levels, by fixing the current one. The player must realistically remove pieces in order to get the necessary component because engines are shown in

 exquisite detail. The player must employ authentic equipment, such as an engine mount, tire balancer, spring puller, detailing kit, and engine puller, in order to perform the needed task.

System Requirements:

The pre-requisites to install and play this game are a 64-bit processor and a Windows operating system 64-bit 7 or a new window. 4GB RAM and 20 GB free disk storage should be available in 

order to acquire the game. For Car Mechanic Simulator 2018, there is a wide range of downloadable material, the bulk of which increases the selection of vehicles. DLC vehicles are 

exact reproductions of genuine vehicles, as opposed to the fictitious analogs of real vehicles included in the main game. With a "DLC" tag in their description, these vehicles are included in the current game. On October 30, a free Tuning DLC was made available alongside the automobiles. This increases the variety of high-performance components and cosmetic 

enhancements that may be added to the player's customized cars. A Dyno that can be used to measure how far the car has advanced from its prior condition may also be unlocked by the player. 

Some latest system software modifications will be needed to play the car mechanic simulated game on PS5. This is playable on the previous version of PS5 but you may then lack some features that 

will be available in the upgraded version.

Game Modes

The game has two playable modes: Campaign and Sandbox. In the campaign mode, the game is broken up into task orders that range from fixing client cars to rebuilding engines and more. The 

player may transfer the vehicle to a car lift to further check, diagnose, and then fix any flaws after obtaining a task over their phone. The vehicle will be transported to the stop's main gate. After 

that, the player may test drive the car in a number of locations throughout the city, including the Abandoned Airport, Race Track, Off-road Track, Test Track, and Speed Track. You earn money 

and experience points as you fix cars and handle phone requests. You may use these skill points on unlocks to enhance your store and your skills to boost the number of jobs you can perform at 

once and the quality of your work once you have accumulated enough experience points to level up. The player has access to phone orders in addition to the Junkyard, Barn, Car Salon, and Car 

Auctions, where they may locate a variety of automobiles in either horrible to medium or medium to good condition. Go to the garage's main door before making your way to one of the barns. Select 

any barn on the map by opening it. When you arrive, you will be at a place with one or more antique cars. You should also search through every box and shelf since you could discover 

something intriguing there. The Car Salon is the only place that always sells vehicles for full price. In this extraordinarily thorough and surprisingly realistic simulation game, where attention to 

automotive detail is astounding, you may build and develop your repair shop empire. In the Barn Find and Junkyard areas, you may find vintage, one-of-a-kind, and modern automobiles. Even 

your own vehicles may be added using the Car Editor application that is included. The player must execute requests from clients who want auto maintenance or repairs. Cash, experience points, and 

cases are awarded for fixing vehicles and finishing orders. The player receives points that may be used to purchase Skills after gaining a certain quantity of experience.


Additionally, Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 has auto auctions where vintage vehicles may be bought for collections or resold. You may snap beautiful before-and-after pictures thanks to the camera mode, and the game's endless supply of randomly created objectives will keep you more than occupied. Every assignment presents a different task with differing degrees of difficulty and 

deadlines to meet. If required, more tools can be purchased. In the future, you may update your garage to include special features like a lacquer sprayer or a parts warehouse. This mechanic 

simulator game enables you to become a real car mechanic manager who can auto repair vehicles or even pimp my ride at mechanic workshops or even a car service station parking area. It combines 

the functionality of car repair games with the thrill of auto technicians. You, as a vehicle engine mechanic engineer, are a lifeline for the mechanic business, unlike a truck mechanic or a bike 

technician, and this car repair simulator especially allows you to tune up automobiles like no other can update. Talk to automobile owners about getting repairs for their vehicles. To keep consumer 

costs down, order the components and supplies needed to maintain inventory, including used auto parts. Repair guides can help you operate more effectively, more quickly, and earn more money if 

you need to buy inventory items. Gain experience with over 120 different repairs, including brakes, transmission fixes, body shop work, steering, and alignment adjustments, chip tuning, diagnostic 

analysis, test drive pad, OBD scanning, oil changes, fixing broken parts, and engaging in dozens of other tasks to improve skills that will allow you to unlock the task more.


Players may be perplexed while doing invest in purchasing the games. But the decision of investing varies on the composition of one’s interest. Always make an investment in the area where you 

actually have concerns and interests. Is it wise to invest in an auto mechanic simulation? Pricey, yes, but if the correct time and effort are put into it, the return is definitely worth it. The fact that 

the Car Mechanic Simulator offers a ton of activities and a surprisingly high level of sophistication sets it apart from other simulator games of a similar nature. For going ahead player must be familiar 

with the features and controls. Skills are highly demanding but it’s a helpful guideline that not all things need to be focused on. Some talents are not crucial to concentrate on. Like there are some 

things rather than them we can concentrate on much better things to upgrade our level in-game. Like walking speed does not require urgent improvement. Strong Arm is quicker at taking apart 

and putting together pieces, although the speed difference isn't huge. How frequently do you spend time visually evaluating rust that is readily apparent? Eagle-Eye should thus not be the primary 

emphasis. Although having items inspected "quick" doesn't take that long, inspection mode should be utilized sometimes. You may use the money you save to invest in the other talents we discussed 

previously. You will undoubtedly gain benefit from these hints and tips in the game, and they will also speed up your advancement.

Game’s Response

This game gained numerous overwhelming responses from the players. According to Metacritic, the Xbox One version of Car Mechanic Simulator garnered "mostly good reviews" whereas the 

Switch version received "unfavorable reviews”. "Rock Paper Shotgun praised the game's "uniquely fascinating and cathartic" qualities but criticized its original release's numerous flaws as 

well as several of the game's design choices. Following the completion of the patching, an assessment revealed that the technical problems had been fixed. Nintendo Enthusiast harshly 

criticized the game's Nintendo Switch release, calling it "a pretty terrible attempt to make a fast buck off of gullible purchasers" and accusing it of being a transfer of the mobile edition. With the 

incredibly entertaining game Car Mechanic Simulator, you may master new skills and enjoy simulating work in a garage. Younger children should learn how objects interact, and adults should 

still find enjoyment in just admiring their creations.

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