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 Free  Fire


Garena Battle royal game Free Fire, often known as Free Fire, was created by Vietnamese gaming studio 111dots Studio and released by developers for Android and iOS. It climbed to the #1 rank 

among all downloaded mobile games in 2019. In August 2021, Free Fire achieved a significant milestone by surpassing 150 million daily active users globally. As of 2021, Free Fire has a global 

revenue of over $4 billion. Free Fire received an update with better visuals on September 28, 2021, and it became accessible worldwide. Up to 50 players participate in a battle royal encounter, 

parachuting onto an island in quest of tools and weapons to use against their opponents. Players may choose where they want to start, and they can bring supplies and weapons to make their battles 

go longer.


Players begin a game while flying over an island in an aircraft. Players may jump anywhere they choose while the plane is in the air, giving them the freedom to select a tactical landing spot. After 

landing, the players must look for weapons and practical items. The island is littered with grenades, medical supplies, medium and big weaponry, and other objects. With up to 50 other players online, 

the players' ultimate goal is to survive on the island. To achieve this, they must defeat any opponents they come across along the way and ensure that they are the only survivor remaining. The safe zone on the 

game's map gradually gets smaller, squeezing the surviving players into smaller areas where interactions are more forced. Whoever or whatever team is still standing at the end of the round wins. There are several 

modes in the game Free Fire. A maximum of 52 individuals can arrive unarmed on a random island in the Battle Royale mode. They must murder each other to live, utilizing the tools and supplies

 discovered in the structures as weapons and accessories. This mode may be played either solo or in teams of two or four people. Players' ranks will be affected if they play this moderated. While 

Classic mode is only for entertainment and practice. The other A 4 VS 4 mode is The Clash Squad. Players start off in this mode with $500 in-game currency. The players must purchase guns and

 other stuff from the shop with this money (only during the preparation period) in order to engage the other team's squad. In order to receive Booyah in this mode, a team must win 4 of the possible 

7 rounds. When a team removes all four members of the opposing team, or when the opposition is eliminated due to zone damage, grenades, or other means, the round is ended.  

Game’s Strategies 

An important step on the path to mastering Free Fire is learning some basic and advanced strategies. In addition to your Free Fire gunfights, a strong strategy will help you stay well in front 

of the competition. Looting in broad daylight requires extreme caution from every Free Fire participant. While you're focused on looting boxes, adversaries might easily catch you off guard. 

Therefore, when looting, continually slide the analog sideways to avoid becoming a simple target. Your adversaries won't be able to shoot you in the head if you use this tactic. In order to save 

yourself never loot in the open try to hide behind things. Claw control is another major thing in Free Fire. Many videos on the widely used video network YouTube advise gamers to switch to claw

 controls. However, as Free Fire doesn't have any challenging in-game mechanics, it is best to play with the thumb layout. In contrast to PUBG Mobile, Free Fire's controls are easy to get used to. 

The next trick and tip for best aim precision are using the default aim precision, with or without the scope, which is advised if your aim is poor. The crosshair will automatically travel in the 

direction of your target as you score more headshots. Crouch, scope, zoom in, crouch, and shoot are the procedures for an automatic headshot. Aim-assist in PUBG Mobile is fairly comparable to 

this functionality. The sensitivity settings in Free Fire have a direct impact on the reaction time. Therefore, it's crucial to choose which sensitivity levels work best for your playstyle. Copying

 another person's settings might get you into serious problems. Your device's sensitivity settings need to be adjusted. Keep the sensitivity at its highest setting on low-end devices with 2 GB of 

RAM; otherwise, play at the default sensitivity of 100 and Red Dot to 30. Out of excitement or what many Free Fire gamers frequently abuse the Jump-shoot ability. Your leap needs to be 

carefully measured if you want to succeed while employing the jump shot. It's vital to remember that this sophisticated maneuver might completely ruin your aim. Therefore, practice it in custom 

rooms until you have it correct before utilizing it in ranked mode. Tip for fighting in the shrink zone considered that though the shrink zone is in the beginning, 80 percent of Free Fire players 

become tense and leave a battle in the middle. It is advised that players should engage in combat when they have the upper hand, or else immediately flee. Only the end circles' zones, which do a 

lot of harm to players, should be given precedence. Learning to snipe will help you become better at Free Fire since it will enhance your aim. A sniper is needed to eliminate adversaries from a 

distance without engaging in any close quarters combat when the possibility of losing a colleague is great. One-shot-one-kill weapons are challenging to use and need a lot of practice to perfect. 

Take a sniper with the appropriate attachments, play in alone mode, and start training daily. When with the passage of time you become an expert in games you get more familiar with such tricks 

and tips that help in succeeding. 


When there is a success then controversies are so genuine thing to deal with. Some controversies about Free Fire also had been on the air. In January 2022, Free Fire and its parent firm Sea were 

sued for copyright infringement by PUBG creator Krafton. The complaint claimed that Garena's titles Free Fire and Free Fire Max plagiarized PUBG Battlegrounds and PUBG Mobile in terms of 

in-game objects, game mechanics, and general look and feel. In the words of Krafton, "Free Fire and Free Fire Max extensively copy numerous features of Battlegrounds, both separately and in 

combination, including Battlegrounds copyrighted unique game opening ‘air drop' feature, the game's structure and gameplay, the combination and selection of weapons, armor, and unique 

objects, locations, and the overall choice of color schemes, materials, and textures. Free Fire and 53 other applications that endangered India's security and privacy were prohibited on February 14, 

2022, by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of India, in accordance with Section 69A of the Information Technology Act, the Indian Constitution. In 2019, Free Fire

 launched the Free Fire World Series, which Corinthians won. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the FFWS was superseded by the Free Fire Continental Series in 2020. The $2 million Free Fire 

World Series (FFWS), which was hosted in Singapore in May 2021 and won by Phoenix Force, was announced by Garena in February 2021.


Free Fire, which received the most public votes in Brazil and Thailand, took first place in the "Best Popular Vote Game" category in the 2019 Google Play list of the "Best Apps of the Year." Free 

Fire was the fourth most downloaded game globally in 2018 on iOS and the Google Play Store combined, ranking fourth in the fourth quarter of 2018 on the Google Play Store. With roughly 

182 million downloads in 2018 (behind only PUBG Mobile and ahead of Fortnite Battle Royale), the game was the second-most-downloaded battle royal mobile game. It also brought in about 

$19.3 million in monthly revenue through December 2018, making it a significant business success for Free Fire. On the Google Play Store, Free Fire has received more than a billion downloads as 

of August 2021. 4.5 times more money was made by Free Fire during this time period than during the same period the year before. Free Fire had raked in more than $1 billion globally by November 

2019. It went on to earn at least $4.33 billion as of 2021, becoming the fourth-highest-grossing video game of 2020 with $2.13 billion and the eighth-highest-grossing mobile game of 2021 with 

$1.2 billion. Although a reviewer said that the graphics were "a bonus for mid- and low-specification phones," they also advised against playing Free Fire Battlegrounds if you enjoy playing games with high-quality visuals. However, you should play if you enjoy playing battle royal games and want to hang out with your buddies. Because we use to think about how to live 

till the conclusion of the zone whenever we play a free fire game, reviewers believed that a game with 40% free fire was helpful for our brains. This increased memory power let us think more

 clearly about what to do next. Free Fire is compelling since it allows you to compete with others while being tolerant of your phone's graphical needs. Due to its modest system requirements and

 fun-enough visuals, it is accessible to a larger range of gamers.

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