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Action-adventure game Sea of Thieves was released in 2018 and was created by Rare and Microsoft Studios. The participant takes on the character of a pirate who completes missions for 

several trade firms. Players in the multiplayer game travel across an open environment on a pirate ship from a first-person viewpoint. Throughout their journeys, different groups of players 

frequently cross paths, sometimes forging allies, and sometimes engaging in combat. 2014 saw the conception of Sea of Thieves. Players of PC games like Eve Online (2003), DayZ (2018), and Rust 

(2018) who used the mechanics of the games to tell their own stories served as inspiration for Rare. Before deciding on a pirate concept inspired by The Goonies and the Pirates of the Caribbean

 movies, Rare considered many scenarios, including vampires and dinosaurs (1985). Because the developer team wants to encourage both casual and skilled players to play together, the game has 

a progression system that solely unlocks cosmetic goods. When Sea of Thieves was being developed, Rare broke from its tradition of secrecy and let players try out early versions of the 


One of the initial first-party titles for Xbox Game Pass users was Sea of Thieves, which Microsoft Studios launched in March 2018 for Windows and Xbox One. Critics gave Sea of Thieves mixed 

reviews; they complimented the multiplayer, aesthetics, physics, and ship fighting, but questioned the game's advancement, playability, and lack of material. Sea of Thieves was designed by Rare 

to be a "game as a service," and after its original release, it received frequent feature updates that raised the game's popularity. With more than 30 million players by June 2022, Sea of Thieves 

became Microsoft's most popular original intellectual property of the eighth generation and commercial success. In November 2020, an improved version of the game was made available on 

the Xbox Series X/S. The three primary trading organizations in the game—Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, and Merchant Alliance—offer players the chance to accomplish various journeys. Players 

are given a treasure map or a puzzle to solve in the tasks provided by Gold Hoarders in order to find a treasure. The Order of Souls solely offers combat difficulties on its journeys. In order to 

complete the objectives in Merchant Alliance, players must quickly deliver items to vendors. There are three more compact groups. The Hunter's Call and the Reaper's Bones are two of them that 

don't provide tasks. Players that bring cooked fish and meat, particularly from rarer fish species, to The Hunter's Call will get rewards. All types of valuables may be sold to The Reaper's Bones, 

but in order to advance in their ranks, players must give them unique cursed goods or flags taken from other ships. Players who find a treasure box must give it to the quest-giving faction's representatives, but the person holding it is vulnerable and may lose it to other players. Players receive gold for completing quests, which they may use to purchase cosmetic items. By visiting 

the Pirate Emporium shop, players may also use real-world money to buy pets, emotes, and other cosmetic items. Doubloons can be exchanged for gold or reputation by fulfilling commendations

 from the Bilge Rats, the fourth trading firm that delivers tasks, challenges, and cosmetics that were added to the game through post-launch upgrades. Tall Tales, a set of scripted story missions,

 are a new addition to the Anniversary update. Additionally, completing tasks grants the player reputation points, which open up more challenging quests from each side and other cosmetics that

 can be bought. Players may become "pirate legends" and get access to additional cosmetic items, the Tavern of Legends, a pirate lair, and a unique trading firm called Athena's Fortune when they

 reach level 50 with any three of the six trade companies. Players can freely explore the game's open world either individually or in groups. As they explore a new location, players may come

 across a number of items, such as wood planks and cannonballs as well as food like bananas, coconuts, and mangoes that restore their health. Rowboats may be used to transport freight while

 avoiding dangers, and they can be outfitted with weaponry. Cutlasses, pistols, blunderbusses, and sniper rifles are some examples of weapons that can be used to destroy opposing opponents: Sharks

 and bones are present.

Creatures in the games

The megalodon and the Kraken are two creatures that can occasionally be encountered by players while they are traveling on the ocean, along with shipwrecks, messages in bottles, skeleton ships

, ghost fleets, and harsh weather conditions like thunderstorms. Skeleton Forts are raids that may be finished by players on the same server, and their locations are indicated by clouds with skulls 

on them. Players may communicate with one another in-game using emotes and a text and voice system. Along with drinking at bars, they can perform musical instruments together. Players may 

partake in recreational pursuits including fishing, hunting, and cooking thanks to the Anniversary update. Rare was frequently viewed as a studio that kept to itself. Since Sea of Thieves is a

 multiplayer-focused game, the company employed a more open development process to make sure the game's themes will be appealing to players. By enrolling in the Insider's Program, gamers

 were given access to an early build of the game, and the developers encouraged fans to participate in the creation of the title. While gathering player input, the application enabled Rare to test out 

various features. The participants might also have a private forum discussion with the creators. More than 30,000 new players signed up for the league. Through the initiative, Rare gained a better 

understanding of player interaction and utilized the knowledge to guide the team's gameplay decisions.

Rare observed that in many multiplayer games, more seasoned players would concentrate on grinding for endgame material rather than engaging in player interaction, while less seasoned 

players would be concerned about their development drastically falling behind more seasoned players. In order to prevent endgame content from providing experienced players with gameplay 

perks, the development team implemented "horizontal progression," in which players would only acquire cosmetic items as they rose in level. The difference between the two experience levels is 

closed by the progression mechanism, which encourages more seasoned players to help newer ones finish their travels. As a "shared world" adventure game, Rare chose to keep the space 

between each player group in a server rather than restrict the number of players it can hold, ensuring that players will sometimes but seldom interact with one another. According to Chapman, 

a player will encounter a different player-controlled spacecraft every 15 to 30 minutes. The game was created with the intention of promoting player engagement and putting their soft talents to the 

test. To overcome problems, gamers must use common sense. For instance, they must learn to read maps. The game lacks a beginner's tutorial since the development team intended for players to 

figure out the game's mechanics on their own. This is done to encourage players to improve these abilities. To promote users' creative use of the game, the team also purposefully avoided imposing

 regulations. Despite this, Rare introduced shipwrecks and forts that players may uncover, including emergent gameplay in a more systematic way. These points of interest, according to

 Chapman, serve as the "catalyst for tales" that bring various actors together and encourage either collaboration or rivalry. Being attacked by sea monsters also adds an element of randomness to

 the game's unpredictability. Sea of Thieves has also been deemed a "watchable and sharable game" because of its emergent gameplay, and the development team anticipated that this would 

persuade players who watched the game on video game live streaming services like Twitch or Mixer to buy it.

Single-Player Mode

Although the game allows for solo play, it is intended to be played by many people who work together to complete objectives. Cooperative gaming, according to Chapman, helps in improving 

the quality as "it makes total sense in the universe". There are no character classes or specializations in the game to incentivize participants to take part in various roles. The maximal 

squad size is 4 since Rare believed that larger groups lack the feeling of "affectionate camaraderie" and that player splintering might impede player interaction. Generates referred to the game as a 

"tool for friendship creation" and emphasized the expectation that it would develop into a community where players might make new friends. Rare went on to say that they believed it was 

their duty to provide a "good online social space". Design modifications were made to promote the ideas of friendliness and collaboration. For instance, crew members participate in all benefits 

equally and players cannot harm one another.


According to review aggregate Metacritic, reviews for Sea of Thieves were "mixed to mediocre" from reviewers. The majority of reviews acknowledged that the game had the potential to be 

popular, but many bemoaned its paucity of substance and questioned Rare's choice to charge full price for it. Additionally, praised were the game's mechanics and aesthetics. The video game Sea 

of Thieves is profitable. Two days after its debut, the game drew upwards of 1 million players. It was the best-selling consumer game in the UK during its first week of availability, highest scoring 

in Switzerland, and in March 2018 it overtook Far Cry 5 by becoming the second-best-selling game in the US.


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