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Real Cricket Game || New Real Cricket Game 22-23

 Real Cricket Game 2022 


Cricket 22 is a 2021 cricket video game that Big Ant Studios and Nacon together produced. It is the sequel to Cricket 19 from 2019 and the official video game of the cricket matches in the Ashes 

series in 2021–2022. As a curtain-raiser before the commencement of the 2021–22 Ashes series, It was published on December 2, 2021, and is scheduled to take place in Australia in December 

2021. With the new after-touch system, which enables the player to control the ball's trajectory after it has been bowled, Cricket 22 provides updated bowling and fielding controls with an arcade-

style of gameplay. A new "Direct-Hit" fielding system was also introduced, allowing players to control the speed of the ball as it is delivered to the stumps and to add a cinematic viewpoint to 

catches. The makers of Real Cricket 2019 have created Real Cricket 22, a brand-new cricket video game. The game, which is accessible on Google Play and the App Store, promises to be thrilling 

for cricket enthusiasts. It has a brand-new teaching system as well for brand-new users. The Big Ant Studios team has named the updated version of the cricket video game called Real Cricket 22. 

You will enjoy playing this magnificent 3D game for hours on end. The game's realism in both visuals and action will help you feel the rush of playing cricket. You may participate in thrilling 

matches as one of the best cricket teams in the world. You may also participate in one of the numerous tournaments that are offered or start your own event to compete against other players.

For the first time ever, both the men's and women's Big Bash leagues are featured in the game. The Caribbean Premier League and The Hundred were both made public during the game. In 

addition to Australia and England, the license of the game has been increased to include New Zealand, the West Indies, and Ireland since genuine names and real photos of the players from 

other nations may be utilized. The video game cover featured Australian women's cricket captain Meg Lanning and men's captain Pat Cummins who replaced his predecessor Tim Paine had been 

scheduled to play before quitting as captain due to a sexting incident, causing the game to be postponed by a week. Joe Root and Heather Knight are featured on the video game's cover in the 

UK. Among gamers, Real Cricket 22 is the game of your dreams if you love both cricket and video games and wish to play both at the same time. For further information on the Real Cricket 22 

release date has been announced. Real Cricket 2022 is scheduled to debut in October of that year and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You may get information about the Real 

Cricket 22 release date, time, and Nautilus Mobile, the sources to download this game are the Google Play Store, early access, official Google Play Links, and Microsoft store. The game will 

be accessible on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. The game will debut on the Nintendo Switch in October 2022. For mobile devices, Nacon will 

release the game, while Nautilus Mobile will distribute it for other platforms. Real Cricket 22's poster has been released by Nautilus Mobile. Real Cricket 22 is a video game that was created by 

Big Ant Studios as a follow-up to Real Cricket 20.


This is inspirational gameplay where, for the first time, you will be able to experience the distinction between different batters and their playing styles with Batting Types - Defensive, 

Balanced, Radical, and Brute, each with their distinct cricket strokes and degrees of aggression. It is because of this that it is an easy-to-use cricket game. You may select your preferred time of day, 

such as morning, afternoon, evening, dusk, or night, and as the game goes, you can experience several day periods. When we discuss stadiums, players can envision real stadiums. In addition to 

Mumbai, Pune, Cape Town, Melbourne, London, Dubai, Wellington, and Kolkata, they will be able to experience the most real live stadiums. Each stadium will have its own atmosphere and will

 undoubtedly offer a unique experience from the others. The World Cup 2019, World Test Championship, Asia Cup, Champions Cup, Master Cup, Under 19 World Cup, and international 

Premier Leagues are just a few of the tournaments available in Real Cricket 22. Real Cricket 20 with true-to-life offers the longest and purest version of cricket ever. You will have the bizarre 

sensation of playing Test Cricket with the Pink Ball under lights thanks to Match Conditions and Gameplay, new commentary, and field setup choices.

With the aid of a brand-new after-touch technology that gives the player control over the ball's path after it has been bowled, Real Cricket 2022 has brought rebuilt bowling and fielding controls 

utilizing an arcade-style of gameplay. Michael Atherton, David Gower, Isa Guha, Mel Jones, Alison Mitchell, and Ian Healy make up the new commentary crew for the video game. 

Additionally, the game's producers added an all-female commentary crew to emphasize gender equality. Cricket 22 has precise, tight controls that let you play your finest game of cricket, whether 

it's a furious fast bouncer or the gratifying "snap" when you toss the ball from the infield for a precise run-out. Here is a quick tip for fast bowling. Hard pitches carry the correct bounce, which 

makes it simpler for batsmen to play strokes than on green and dusty pitches, therefore fast bowlers should choose them and while facing fast bowling examine the speedometer. Verify the bowling 

cursor. Look at different bowling techniques, and batsman movements based on the bowl line. Set the joystick to the desired line and length, and choose the push, stroke, or loft button either 

advance, push and hold the front foot, or both then release the button after the bowler has finished. Now we look for the tips that will be useable for the spin player. When the bowl is thrown on the bowling cursor, play the shot. When a bowl is pitched offside, push or stroke shots should be prioritized. When the bowl is pitched on the legside, lofted or advanced shots are simple to play. 

Spin bowling is more difficult for you to play at first, but if you practice with the advice we've provided above, you'll become a master spin bowler in no time. You may adjust the shot map 

preset to the types of shots you prefer, and it won't have a significant effect on how well you bat.The 2 batting controllers pro joystick & legacy swipe are available in real cricket 22. You will 

have more time in legacy swipe to play the shots, however, the shooting instructions might not be exact. Since you have more control over the batter with the pro joystick and your shot direction 

won't alter, you should always utilize it for a more realistic gaming experience.

On and off the field, you have the upper hand. You control your preparation and public appearances, handle injuries, and choose your course to international acclaim. It's the easiest 

cricket game yet to play. Cricket 22's entirely redesigned instructional system and first-time user experience make it simpler than ever to get started with the game. The most accurate recreation of 

the game Big Ant has ever produced is Cricket 22, and with the help of these lessons, you'll be batting and bowling like a pro in no time. A star-studded commentary team for Cricket 22 will be 

present, including Michael Atherton, Ian Healy, Mel Jones, Alison Mitchell, and David Gower. An all-female commentary crew will be present for the first time ever in a sporting event, thus

 extending the representation of women in the Cricket 22 experience. Every shot will be called with more detail and insight than ever before.

Game Installation

On a computer running Windows 10 or later, Cricket 22 will operate. To install Cricket 22, you will want at least 45 GB of free disk space. Clearly, there is an opportunity for improvement. Last 

but not least, there is an online option accessible if you wish to play against actual cricket enthusiasts. An additional Cricket 22 Nintendo Switch Code will be added to your new Nintendo 

Account. Cricket 22 Nintendo Switch will be added to your own account after you have downloaded it from this account.

Cricket 22 makes the most of the capabilities of the most recent hardware generation. Not only does the game load faster than ever before, allowing you to jump right into the action, but it also 

comes with a full set of graphic upgrades, including amazing real-time ray tracing components, making it the most aesthetically pleasing cricket match yet. The creators of this program claim that 

the upcoming Real Cricket 22 will be an even more accurate simulation of cricket than is now achievable. They have also stated that this most recent update would include a number of new 

features, such as all-new commentary and analysis on each ball bowled in each innings and comprehensive individual statistics for every side competing in the World Cup.

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