How to enable advanced features on YouTube channel

Unlock the full potential of your YouTube channel by learning how to enable advanced features. From enhancing engagement to maximizing visibility, discover the key strategies to elevate your content. Dive into a user-friendly journey that empowers you to create a more interactive and impactful online presence. 

How to enable advanced features on YouTube channel

Advanced features eligibility criteria set by YouTube

Before diving into the activation of advanced features on your YouTube channel, ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria set by YouTube. Follow these sub-steps:

Check Account Standing:

1. Ensure your account has not faced any significant violations or penalties. 2. Verify that your channel is in good standing with the YouTube community guidelines and terms of service.

Access YouTube Studio:

1. Log in to your YouTube account and navigate to YouTube Studio. 2. Familiarize yourself with the Studio's layout and options.

Verify Email and Phone:

1. Confirm that your YouTube account has a verified email address and phone number. 2. Complete the verification process if any of these elements are pending.

By thoroughly completing Step 1, you set the foundation for unlocking advanced features on your YouTube channel. This ensures a smooth transition to the subsequent steps in the activation process.

Why Enable Advanced Features?

Enabling advanced features on your YouTube channel can significantly elevate your content creation and audience engagement. Here's why you should consider unlocking these capabilities:

1. Enhanced Engagement:

  • Advanced features, such as custom thumbnails, end screens, and annotations, empower you to create visually appealing and interactive content.
  • Engaging visuals capture viewers' attention, encouraging them to stay longer on your videos and fostering a sense of connection.

2. Increased Visibility and Discoverability:

  • Features like the Community tab allow you to share updates, polls, and exclusive content directly with your audience.
  • Utilizing these tools not only keeps your existing subscribers informed but also attracts new viewers through increased activity on your channel.

3. Monetization Opportunities:

  • Many advanced features, including Super Chat and Channel Memberships, offer monetization avenues for content creators.
  • Super Chat enables viewers to purchase highlighted messages during live streams, while Channel Memberships allow for a subscription-based revenue model.

4. Improved Analytics and Performance Evaluation:

  • Enabling advanced features provides access to detailed analytics, helping you understand your audience better.
  • Monitoring performance metrics allows you to refine your content strategy, optimize engagement, and tailor your approach based on viewer preferences.

How to enable advanced features on YouTube channel

Getting Started with Phone Verification:

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio:

    • Visit YouTube and log in to your Google account.
    • Access YouTube Studio from your profile picture in the top right corner.
  2. Navigate to Channel Settings:

    • Click on the settings gear icon.
    • Select "Channel" from the left sidebar.
  3. Verify Your Phone Number:

    • Click on "Feature eligibility" and then "Intermediate features."
    • Choose "VERIFY PHONE NUMBER" and enter your phone number.
    • Receive a verification code via text or voice call.

ID Verification for Advanced Features:

  1. Access YouTube Studio:

    • Sign in and go to YouTube Studio.
  2. Navigate to Channel Settings:

    • Click on "Settings" and then "Channel."
    • Choose "Feature eligibility" and then "Advanced features."
  3. Select ID Verification:

    • Click "ACCESS FEATURES" and choose "Use your ID."
    • Click "Get email" and follow the email instructions.
    • Agree to terms, take a picture of your ID, and submit.

Video Verification for Advanced Features:

  1. Visit YouTube Studio:

    • Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. Access Channel Settings:

    • Click on "Settings" and then "Channel."
    • Navigate to "Feature eligibility" and then "Advanced features."
  3. Choose Video Verification:

    • Click "ACCESS FEATURES" and select "Use video verification."
    • Click "Next" and "Get email" for instructions.
    • Follow on-screen prompts for video verification.

Using Channel History for Access:

  1. Complete Phone Verification:

    • Follow the steps outlined in the phone verification section.
  2. Channel History Usage:

    • Channel history includes uploads, live streams, and account creation details.
    • Maintain consistent activity to unlock advanced features.

Building and Maintaining Channel History:

  1. Understand Advanced Features:

    • Pin comments, higher daily upload limits, etc.
  2. Follow Community Guidelines:

    • Consistent adherence accelerates feature access.
    • Violations may lead to delays or restrictions.
  3. Regain Access:

    • Improve channel history or provide verification.
    • Active channels following guidelines rebuild history within 2 months.


  1. Account Ownership Issues:

    • Ensure primary ownership.
    • Avoid signing in to supervised or Brand Accounts.
  2. Browser Compatibility:

    • Update device and browser for compatibility.
  3. Camera Compatibility:

    • Use a device with a full HD rear-facing camera for ID submissions.
  4. Camera Usage Conflicts:

    • Close open apps if camera issues arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable advanced features on YouTube?

To enable advanced features, ensure your channel meets eligibility requirements such as subscriber count and watch hours. Verify your account, complete phone verification, and adhere to YouTube's Community Guidelines. Advanced features include custom thumbnails, external annotations, and more.

What is advanced mode in YouTube?

There isn't a specific "advanced mode" in YouTube. However, advanced features refer to tools and functionalities beyond basic video uploading. These features include options like custom thumbnails, live streaming, and monetization.

How do I enable channel recommendations on YouTube?

Channel recommendations are algorithm-driven and automatically generated by YouTube. To increase the chances of your channel being recommended, focus on creating quality content, engage with your audience, and stay consistent in uploading videos.

How do I try new features on YouTube?

YouTube often rolls out new features to a limited audience for testing before a global release. To participate, keep your YouTube app and browser up to date. Additionally, join the YouTube Beta program on mobile devices to access experimental features before they are widely available.

Why can't I find advanced settings in YouTube?

If you can't find advanced settings, ensure you are using the latest version of YouTube and that your account is verified. Advanced settings are often found in YouTube Studio under the "Customization" or "Settings" sections. If issues persist, check for updates and refer to YouTube Help resources.

Why has my channel lost access to advanced features on YouTube?

Losing access to advanced features may be due to policy violations, such as Community Guidelines strikes or repeated violations. Regularly review and adhere to YouTube's policies. If access is restricted, refer to the email notification for details on regaining access through improved channel history or verification.


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