Best Cricket Shoes 2023

 If you're looking to invest in top-quality cricket shoes without the hassle of searching through numerous online options, let me guide you to the best choices available. Whether you need cricket spikes, trainers, or boots, I'll provide you with recommendations to ensure you get the most out of your money.

Payntr Cricket shoes:

Payntr cricket shoes have gained popularity among cricketers of all levels since they were launched by ex-professional cricketer David Paynter. These shoes combine the comfort of running shoes with the specific requirements of playing cricket. 



Payntr cricket shoes are known for their comfort, providing a cushioned feel and support for long hours on the field.


These shoes are designed to be lightweight, allowing for agility and quick movements.


 Payntr shoes have a distinctive and stylish appearance, catching the eye of players at all levels, from international stars to club cricketers.

    Designed by cricketers: 

The Payntr range is created by ex-professional cricketer David Paynter and his team, ensuring that the shoes are tailored to meet the specific needs of cricketers.

    Good grip: 

Payntr shoes offer excellent traction, helping players maintain stability while running, batting, or bowling.


    Limited availability: 

Payntr shoes may not be as widely available as some other popular cricket shoe brands, making it more challenging to find a suitable size or style.

    Limited options: 

While Payntr offers a range of cricket shoes, the variety of models and designs may be more limited compared to other brands in the market.

    Durability concerns:

Some users have reported issues with the durability of Payntr shoes, with wear and tear occurring more quickly than expected.

Adidas cricket shoes:

Adidas is a well-known brand that offers a range of cricket shoes suitable for various playing positions. Here is a review of some popular Adidas cricket shoe models:

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  •     Adidas SL22 Boost: 

The SL22 Boost is a high-performance cricket shoe designed for batsmen. It offers excellent cushioning, stability, and support, allowing for quick movements and better grip on the pitch. The Boost technology in the midsole provides enhanced energy return.


  •     Adidas Vector: 

The Adidas Vector is a versatile cricket shoe suitable for both batsmen and bowlers. It offers good support and stability with its mid-cut design. The outsole provides excellent traction on various surfaces, while the cushioning offers comfort during long innings or bowling spells.

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  •     Adidas Adipower Vector Mid: 

These bowling boots are popular among fast bowlers. The mid-cut design provides ankle support and stability, reducing the risk of injuries. They offer excellent grip and traction, allowing bowlers to maintain control during their delivery stride.

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  •     Adidas Howzat:  

The Howzat range is designed for all-round cricketers. These shoes offer a balance of comfort, support, and durability. They provide good grip on both wet and dry pitches and are suitable for batting, bowling, or fielding.

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Kookaburra cricket shoes:

Kookaburra cricket shoes are the epitome of well-thought-out and experienced design. The KC 3.0 model stands out with its lightweight construction, reinforced ankle and heel, and excellent shock absorbency. With Kookaburra cricket shoes, cricketers can confidently take to the field, knowing they have footwear that combines comfort, performance, and style in perfect harmony.

Indoor cricket shoes :

Indoor cricket shoes are essential for training sessions held indoors, including games, fielding drills, and indoor cricket nets. When choosing the best indoor cricket shoes, it's important to consider factors such as fit, comfort, support, and grip.

Unlike outdoor cricket shoes with spikes, indoor cricket shoes do not require spikes as they would damage the surface and compromise stability. Instead, the ideal indoor cricket shoes feature rubber pimples or a typical trainer sole to provide traction without causing any harm.

Gray Nicolls is a popular brand known for its cricket shoes, and their Velocity range offers indoor cricket shoes with a rubber sole, ensuring good grip on indoor surfaces. Another stylish option for indoor cricket is the Payntr V Pimple shoes, which feature a rubber stud outsole.

While specific indoor cricket shoes are recommended, it is also possible to wear trainers for playing cricket indoors. Many cricketers opt for trainers that provide comfort and support during indoor training sessions. There are various trainer options available on platforms like Amazon to explore and find the right fit for your needs.

We hope this cricket shoes guide has been helpful in guiding your purchase decision. Whether you choose cricket spikes, bowling boots, or indoor cricket shoes, prioritize footwear that embraces and protects your feet as you dive, sprint, and deliver thunderous bowls on the field.


Investing in high-quality cricket shoes is essential for maximizing your performance on the pitch. The Adidas Adipower Vector Mid Bowling Boots, New Balance CK10 BL4 Cricket Shoes, Kookaburra KC 3.0 Cricket Shoes, and Payntr XPF Cricket Shoes are among the top choices available. 

Consider your playing style and specific needs when making your selection. By using the provided affiliate links, you can easily purchase these shoes and experience the ultimate performance they offer. Step up your game with the right footwear today!


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