Junkyard Truck Game

 Junkyard Truck Game


An open-world off-road driving, mechanic, and employment simulator is called the Junkyard Truck game. It isn’t a shooting game but a best and cool game for play. Purchase an old truck from a junkyard to start. 

Put it back together after replacing any worn-out or missing parts, and then cross your fingers that you did a good job. Once it's up and running, you can utilize your vehicle to finish off-road tasks and missions to 

make money. Visit the auto parts store to purchase better engine components, wheels, drivetrain components, or accessories when missions become too challenging. If money is tight, you may even have 

to scavenge the junkyard. Although tasks and assignments pay nicely, you'll utilize that revenue for truck maintenance. Use the truck to fulfill some of the obstacles on the map, such as racing, rock climbs, hill 

climbs, and extremely destructive long jumps, when you believe it is powerful enough and you have enough money for significant repairs. Don't worry if you're not proficient at mechanics. A service manual for your 

truck comes with detailed illustrations. The community already has a mechanic who can perform inspections or, if you have the money, repairs.

Requirements of System to download and play game

To download and then play the game the minimum requirement of the system is a 64-bit processor and operating system of window7 but for betterment, the recommended operating system is window10 with 64-

bit processor. The minimum memory requirement is 10 GB but is recommended as 16 GB. Similarly, the minimum storage is 6 Gb required but the smooth game downloading 7Gb available storage is recommended.

 Steps to download the Junkyard Truck game

 To download the junkyard best fun and brainstorming game follow these steps.

• Get the link to site sources that are providing this facility. Simply type the junkyard track game downloading link.

• Open the website.

• Hit the download button or downloading link.

• Wait for the downloading to begin and keep waiting until it ends.

• You will get a zip file. Now extract the file via any extracting app.

• Click on the junkyard truck folder, which will be containing the game file.

• Execute the exe file.

• For preventing crashes and errors execute the game as an administrator.

• Now your game is ready to play and have fun.


• Fully integrated drivetrain and engine with more than 60 factory components.

• Upgradable components like heads, driving gears, locking distinctions, superchargers, off-road tires, and equipment like brush guards, roll bars, and ropes.

• Fully responsive drivetrain and engine that displays realistic performance and audible feedback on fluid, temperature, or part failure.

• Miles of roads and off-road terrain.

• An open-world game that gives you the flexibility to play however you wish.

• Off-road challenges, some of which are challenging, others of which are practically impossible, and which, even if you succeed, will usually lead to breaking something.

• A variety of tasks across the city, including mechanic tasks, heavy delivery missions, farming tasks, rubbish collection missions around the map, vehicle recovery missions, and logging missions.

• With the cycle of day and night, it's important to stay nourished, hydrated, and sleep well.

• Soft body mechanics.

• A salvage yard and an auto parts shop.

Gameplay Tips and Tools

Here are some gameplay guidelines to perform different tasks and to accomplish different challenges.

How to find a tobacco farm in Junkyard Truck?

On the continuously updated online map for the Junkyard Truck game, you may locate the locations of the tobacco farms. The tobacco farm is shown on the map as being to the East, yet there is no marker or road 

noted there. You need at least it is better tired better tires that can manage mud to travel to the tobacco farm because the terrain is entirely covered in mud, which slows down the car. Take the designated dirt road 

from the city side to reach the tobacco farm. You can cultivate tobacco leaves in Junkyard Truck, sell them, and use the money you make to buy new tires, off-road truck components, or other things. The production 

of tobacco leaves is confined to one location; it cannot be done near to home. The tobacco farm is a successful enterprise, and you won't get bored working there.

How to refill the water trailer to grow the tobacco?

To grow a tobacco plant you must be needed a water plant for your cultivation. For watering the plant, you will use a water trailer. You can find water trailers from reservoirs, there are two water reservoirs that you 

can find through an interactive map which helps in finding such hidden objects and places. To fill the water trailer, remove the lid of the trailer and instilled a pipe in it, now to fill the trailer with water turn the valve. 

The changed sound of pouring water will indicate that the trailer has been refilled. Now the issue of water filling has been resolved and water is available to grow the tobaccos.  Once the tobacco had been grown 

the next job is to collect all the ripened tobacco. You can collect the tobacco in boxes which can be brought from the city, from the shop which is next to jimmy. Other than the boxes for ready-made tobacco, you can 

also collect jars from the same shop to prepare your alcohol. The cost for per crate will be $4 and you can make the purchase of 6 crates as a whole. These crates can easily be fitted on a pick-up truck. Set the crates 

in a proper manner so that they should not fall during transport and keep an eye on them so that nothing happens to them on the way.

What are the necessary measures to take care of tobacco plants?

The main measure of taking care of the plant is to water them. Through a water trailer, you can water them. Throughout the cycle tobacco plants need to be watered for 2-3 times. Don’t destroy 

the plant by driving the trailer vehicle over the plants. To water, the plant, drive between the beds and use the hose which is attached to the back of the water trailer. In this simulated kind of game, 

the growing pace is around 3-4 days.

How to buy an off-road truck in the Junkyard truck game? 

 See the map, and go to the junkyard, which will be marked with the car icon, and next to it car icon you will see the recycling icon, it is an easy way to get the off-road truck. You can also buy 

the junkyard truck when workers will be trying to fix something in the engine. You need to keep the money along with you to make the payment. You must have cash on hand; the required sum is 

indicated on the card. The money is initially located in the garage.

How to make money at a junkyard truck?

You can make money at junkyard trucks by selling different items like logs, junk, metals, etc. For selling items you can seek help through the game’s interactive map which indicates every place 

via symbols. For selling different items there are different places.

• You can sell junk items in a junkyard.

• Near the raid's starting location, logs can be sold.

• Near the raid's beginning point, metal ore can indeed be purchased wherever there is wood. Rubbish bags can be sold at the garbage dump, located at the top of the map.

Interactive Map

 The junkyard truck game provides you with the facility of an interactive map. This map helps you in finding places, and hidden things and also leads you toward the important location. The best 

thing about this interactive map is that it has a user-friendly interface, things are presented through icons which help in understanding the purpose of that. On the upper right side of the map, you can 

use the filter option to load more icons.

What to do if the car gets stuck somewhere?

One of the challenging things that one can face is dealing with a stuck car. Often cars or off-road trucks get stuck due to mud, dust, and fallen trees and you cannot drive after that. You can get help 

via phone, by pressing the digit key 5, in the right corner at the lower side a phone will appear, and similarly, on using the key E the teleport options will appear and you can select the appropriate 

one from that. You can choose to relocate yourself to the city or house either with or without your vehicle, or you can pull your car or off-road truck there.

How to put money in inventory?

Since you must place the money into your stocks in order for it to be added to your general account balance, this is a straightforward but odd solution that the game's creator has introduced. The 

default key “I” may be used to hide goods in your inventory, while the "TAB" key can be used to reveal them. To add money to your inventory, simply grab a stack of bills and press the key.


This is a simulator game that enables you to perform roles as an off-road, in-road driver, mechanic, etc. By purchasing an old truck, you can perform different tasks and accomplish different tasks. 

For help to find different locations users can use the interactive map provided by this game. The graphics of this game gives a real look and feel. According to reviews enjoy this play and seem 

happy with the graphics.  


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