Trade Life Simulator

 Trade Life Simulator


A type of video game called "life simulation games" allows players to live as or control one or more virtual characters (human or otherwise). Such a game may focus on "individuals and 

relationships, or it may be an ecosystem simulation." In the video game Trader Life Simulator, you take control of a man who owns an empty store. While handling other elements of your life, 

you need to keep your business up and running and your grocery store supplied. Be cautious! You can declare bankruptcy. These video games focus on the life of a trader or merchant who transports 

products or commodities for a living, sometimes as a privateer, smuggler, or independent contractor.

System Requirement

Like other simulation games, this one carries some system prerequisites. It needs a 64-bit operating system and CPU. Windows 10 OS (64-Bit) core should be an i5-3570, a 4 core, 3.4 GHz processor. 

The required RAM size is 4 GB. The 10th version of DirectX and 17 GB of storage should be available to play this game.

How to get richer?

There are tips to get richer in the trade life simulator. When you initially arrive at your store and open it, you'll see that you'll be given a random variety of items to put down for sale, and doing so 

is strongly advised. If an item doesn't need to go into a fridge, keep in mind that you may put it wherever, shelves or not. This game doesn't appear to have any logic to underline the need to store 

objects anywhere other than the fridge. When you are almost out of items to sell, you may walk over to the big furniture store, which is indicated on the map, and make a purchase to reset your

 "dirtiness" meter. In addition, even if all of the metres are at 100, there is nothing in the game that can harm your character, so you can decide not to buy it. The only real problem is that you won't 

be able to run at all. The following stage is to essentially acquire and sell groceries until you have enough cash to buy a fridge display. It will cost $750 to do this, and while it could take some time, 

it is rather rapid. I would put the boxes of food I had purchased immediately from the store into your car. Your beginning vehicle has a capacity of around 10 boxes. It has been discovered that 

the key to success in everything is to repeatedly purchase expensive products at a discount, even if it's only one. Do this for more expensive or discounted groceries. It will speed up money accumulation.

When you have enough money to purchase a fridge display, return to the big furniture store and make your purchase. I'd go back to your store, and I'd strongly advise positioning it right next to 

the front door, like everything else. Continue selling groceries until you have around $750-$1,000 in cash, at which point you should go to the butcher shop. You will initially only be able to sell

 meat. Although there are only a few items in this business, they bring in money quickly. Find out what is being reduced the most, buy one or two of those items, and then head to your business to 

put them on sale in the refrigerator display. As your revenue increases, keep making this roundtrip and continue accumulating money for a second cashier, which will cost $2500. After paying the 

$2,500 second-cashier fee, make sure you have approximately $500–$600 left over so you may stock up on meat if necessary. Make sure you return home when the store shuts down and get some

 sleep. Time will fly by with this. The money will start to flow significantly better than before once you hire a second cashier. Your sales will effectively increase twofold. The main objective right

 now is to save up to $3,500 to purchase the property. You can choose not to pay heed to the "hunger" metre if you choose. It all boils down to how swiftly you prefer to move around outside 

of your automobile, albeit this is quite insignificant. Keep in mind that the only punishment the game offers is the inability to run.

Making investment

Once you have the farm, keep selling meat and invest $200 to $1,000 in farm animals, depending on how comfortable you are. On the map, the "Animal Trader" is where you may buy the animals. 

Sheep will cost $350, cows $500, and chickens just $50 each. Naturally, cows will pay out the most money and chickens the least. Each night at 2200, you must visit your farm and chat with a 

strange man or woman who is standing in a brightly coloured tent in order to collect your pay. Although the design of this is absolutely absurd—it should have been gathered from the phone—

you must still make this stop or you won't receive anything, and, as far as I'm aware, it won't stick.When you have thousands coming in passively from the farm after a while, you can 

essentially stop running your store and concentrate solely on going offline while playing the game, grabbing your income at 2200, purchasing more animals, then going offline once more, and the 

income will keep growing. I believe that stock investment in the game is a highly profitable late-game option, but I am not yet familiar with how they operate.

Trading is all about investment and revenue generation. Until you don’t have enough money to make an investment, generating revenue will be quite difficult. Being rich in this game is the main 

factor in being a good trader. Trader Life Simulator may be played by a large number of individuals, but it's impossible to say for sure. Here, we've provided an estimate of the number of 

Trader Life Simulator players so that we can gauge the game's popularity. The Trader Life Simulator Player Count as of 25 is global (approximately). 

Game’s Interface

This game is quite enjoyable. However, there are a few things that can be added to the game to make operating your own store even more sophisticated. For instance, you could create your own

 labels and establish the pricing and discounts. Customers then wander around the store, take what they want, pay, and leave, rather than simply appearing at the cash counter and disappearing. If 

they were to put such things into practice, it would be so much more enjoyable to manage your own business. Although the driving physics are fairly poor, they work. Missing females, wish the

 lesson did a better job of breaking down each key and providing some basic explanations of how everything operates. But aside from that, it's quite decent. This one is excellent since it keeps you

 on the go. Despite the fact that the task at hand is the same, filling shelves, tracking pricing, taking care of yourself, and juggling finances are all part of mindful gaming.

This trading game, which was created and launched by Mohammed Qasrawi on February 22, 2021, requires a lot of improvement in terms of a solid tutorial and offers very little in the way of 

direction. Let's dive further into the specifics, though. The criticism also brought up additional issues, including You getting out of bed, getting out, locating your car, and traveling till you reach 

a store. You are informed that you are the store's owner with a quick popup. What a poor start to a game without even a simple instruction. Every time you visit a certain place, something just

 appears on the screen, and you're given a map with icons and names but no explanation of what any of these locations may be apart from the icon's own clue. The average time it takes to figure

 out how to resupply our business is around ten minutes. While driving about in a car that regrettably wouldn't let us run over pedestrians, we eventually came across Jabar’s, the man who 

would assist us restock the store. Money isn't balanced at all because you start with $100, earn roughly $200 more with your stock, and are then expected to replenish or purchase furnishings. If 

you didn't make the right investments at the start of the game, you're better off starting over.


Regarding criticisms of the game's design, it is intended to be what it is—a trading simulator. It's not a really good game from the perspective of design because it doesn't really offer you a goal 

and doesn't innovate in the simulation game genre. Because it hasn't been mentioned on the Steam website, I'm not quite sure if this game is still in production. It would be wonderful to see a few 

more straightforward additions to the game, such as modifying the area or even including radio in the car to play more upbeat music. With just a few additional features, Trade Life Simulator might 

become more engaging and perhaps appeal to a larger audience. This would increase its appeal. Despite using some of the aspects of actual life that you wish you could escape as its selling points, 

this game is oddly entertaining and well worth playing. Trading Items may be enjoyable and is a good mental game.

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