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Asphalt 8 is a 2013 racing video game in the Asphalt series, created by

 ExoticBikes  and Gameloft Barcelona and released by Gameloft. For iOS and

 Android, it was made available on August 22, 2013, for Windows 8 and Windows Phone

 8 on November 13, 2013, for BlackBerry 10 on January 15, 2014, and for Tizen 

on April 5, 2015. On February 26, 2018, Asphalt 9: Legends, the game's replacement,

 was unveiled. The App Store game description states that the game has around 470

 million players. The game's premium edition, Asphalt 8+, is only accessible with an Apple 

Arcade membership. The game is based on an earlier version of the game, which had a different

 garage structure, fewer vehicles, and a mastery system that has since been deleted. The absence of microtransactions in the game, though, is the largest shift.


 A feature not available in the main game, where cars like the McLaren Speedtail are paid for, is the ability for players to unlock and completely upgrade every vehicle in the game just by playing. 

One of the most well-known race car series for mobile devices is the Asphalt series, and Gameloft has lived up to expectations with top-notch graphics and an engaging plot that keeps players' 

complete attention. It can be a little difficult to navigate the game's main interface and understand all of the available options. Asphalt 8 Airborne awards you for maneuvers you pull off in the air, 

such as barrel rolls or flat spin jumps. Driving onto one of the numerous inclined ramps on the track will allow you to perform barrel rolls while gravity and momentum take care of the rest.

306 automobiles (291 vehicles and 15 motorcycles) in Asphalt 8 are presently categorized into 5 lessons: C, B, A, and S—with Class D being the lowest and Class S being the highest. 

View List of Cars

Visit this page to view the complete list of cars. Most cars also belong to collections, which reward players with bonus points or other items when they own all of the vehicles in a given category. In 

Asphalt 8, there are two methods to improve a car: Upgrades and Pro Kits. A local Wi-Fi race, a short solo race, the career mode, and the World Series (multiplayer online) are just a few of the 

game types available for Asphalt 8 Airborne. In Career Mode, you begin with a car and a modest budget and attempt to increase your income by winning championships and pulling off tricks. You 

seem to have the chance to collect stars along the way, which unlocks the subsequent racing competitions for the season. At each event, you may earn up to five stars: three based on your 

finish position (1 star for placing third, 3 stars for taking first place), and two more for completing event-specific tasks like the required number of barrel rolls, knockdowns, etc. Additionally,

 vehicles may be upgraded to an "ultimate" condition or introduced in that capacity. 

Ultimate Mode

A car with an "ultimate" status will function to its fullest extent without the need for any upgrades or pro kits. The primary game mode in Asphalt 8 is Career Mode. It comprises seasons, which

contain races with five stars, three of which are awarded for placing on the podium, and the remaining two are set aside for bonus stars. A number of stars are awarded for finishing the race

based on your finish position, such as 3 stars for first place, 2 stars for second, 1 star for third, and none at all for fourth place or below. The racing mode, like other modes, can be customized, such

as classic, VS, and others. The series’ first game with a piece of licensed music is Asphalt 8. Bass, rock, and electronic are the three "stations" that can be chosen when enjoying the sport.


The gameplay is similar to Asphalt 7: Heat, and there are four different control options available to the player: "Tilt to steer" (auto-acceleration with movement controlled by tilting the device), 

Different control schemes, including the conventional WASD and the up, down, left, and right keypad layout, are available in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Asphalt 8 has kept the major and 

secondary objectives established in Asphalt 6: Adrenaline, which were also utilized in Asphalt 7 as a five-star rating system for each race. The first place receives three stars, the second place 

receives two stars, and the third place receives one star. The player receives two extra points for completing side goals like pulling off a certain number of tricks or taking down enemies. 

Objective of Championship

The core objectives must first be completed in Moto Blitz and Championships before the supplementary objectives may be unlocked. Players who finish first in an event but do not complete 

the subsidiary objectives may rerun the race and receive a five-star rating even if the primary goal was completed. Nevertheless, the fundamental gameplay has been somewhat altered.

 The emphasis of Airborne is on leaping, as the tagline suggests, and tracks include many more ramps than in prior games. The player may do flat spins (by drifting into a ramp) and barrel rolls

 in addition to the conventional leaps (by driving off of a curved ramp). Driving on one side on a typical ramp is another way to do a barrel roll. Every leap yields a nitro boost; the more the airtime,

 the greater the boost. Nitros are also awarded for knocking over barricades and lampposts, running over moving vehicles, and almost impacting moving vehicles. 

New Feature in game

The process of performing a "Perfect Nitro" replaces the "Adrenaline mode" in Asphalt 6 and 7. This is another new feature. A little red zone appears in the boost bar when the player presses

 boost. When the boost meter is in the red zone, pressing boost again will cause the car to accelerate even more quickly. This acceleration will continue until the player runs out of boost, brakes, 

crashes, or encounters a ramp. The franchise mode in the original game had 180 events divided into eight "seasons" that got harder as you progressed through them. Later iterations incorporated 

more difficulties and seasons. With the exception of the "McLaren Legends Season," Asphalt had created a total of nine seasons as of March 2020. There is just Season One accessible when the 

game first starts. A set number of stars must be earned or a "Season Unlock" must be purchased in the in-app store in order to access further seasons. 

Online Mode

If you haven't played to the end of last season, acquired the necessary number of objects to unlock it, or bought the previous season, you cannot unlock the current season with an in-app purchase.

 Play in online multiplayer mode remotely or locally using Wi-Fi and the internet. There is also a "World Series" online multiplayer option, although neither the iPhone 4 nor the fourth-generation 

iPod touch support it. A player's in-game level can only be increased by participating in multiplayer; when the player levels up, more credits are given to them. Competitive matches 

against one another in online multiplayer races to receive special rewards as part of the "Multiplayer League," which was launched as part of the Multiplayer League Update in October 2016.

 Metacritics Rating

When it was released, Asphalt 8 was the most well-liked game in its category. Based on 18 reviews, the iOS version has an overall Metacritic rating of 91/100. IGN's Steve Watts gave the game a 7.8 

out of 10 rating, sounding less enthusiastic. The in-app purchase system, despite his enthusiasm for aesthetics and gameplay, was criticized by him: "By the time I reached the halfway mark, the 

mishmash of automobile needs seemed like an unmanageable maze." At that time, progress required me to spend a large sum of money on an automobile that might only be helpful for one 

event because I was continually in need of additional stars. In that case, I would reluctantly purchase it, achieve the maximum five stars, and then start searching for the next session. 

Game’s Graphics

So even though Asphalt 8 isn't smart, every moment you spend with the game is a thrilling joy. The level creation, programmable buttons, the nitro system, and the usage of shortcuts on every

 circuit were all appreciated by the detractors. Although Asphalt 8 isn't the most realistic or visually appealing racer available, it's hard to beat as an arcade game. Compared to its closest rivals, its 

powerslides are a little bit crazier, its leaps a little bit more absurd, and its takedowns a little bit more rewarding. This racer prioritizes enjoyment above all else, and it nearly always succeeds in 

doing so. Asphalt 8 would suit you if you enjoy playing video games while grinning. Asphalt is delighted to remind you that you can easily buy certain vehicles or in-game money to expedite the 

procedure, of course. The author concluded that Asphalt 8: Airborne is a highly polished racer with a ton of material, but the pace is hindered by intrusive zoning that pushes too hard for its in-

app purchases. The prerequisites for the latter seasons are too onerous, and the drudgery eventually becomes old.

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